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A La Carte (July 7)

Good morning. May the grace of the Master Jesus Christ end up being with you today.

Just a reminder that I am performing light blogging this week, which means only A La Carte will be posted each day.

The Beautiful Meaning of Marital Intimate Intimacy

If you’ re up for quite a long read, you may enjoy this look at the beautiful which means of marital lovemaking intimacy.

Reading and Referring to Sexuality

If you are looking for sources on sexuality for kids and teens, this is an excellent guide.

Pray with regard to Other Members

“ Every Christian knows they ought to pray for others (1 Tim. 2: 1). Yet every Alfredia also knows how terribly trite seems to ask God over and over again to help the fellow church users with their health, security, or money complications. So how do all of us pray without just repeating ourselves? ”

In the Longing to be Seen, Heard, and Known

Rebekah Shiny: “ The desire to be seen, heard, and identified is universal. We all want to feel substantial, worthy of attention, plus validated by others. It’s painful in order to feel ignored, private, or irrelevant. However we often find ourselves in situations exactly where we feel exactly that…”

How to Prepare a Sermon When You are a Bivocational Pastor

Pastors, whether bivocational or full-time, will appreciate this article, I think. “ One of the biggest difficulties in moving to bivocational ministry was in the area of sermon prep. When I has been full-time, I had the sermon prep tempo that allowed myself to finish my sermon on Friday with noon. Even though preparation and writing just took around 12 hours, my weekly schedule usually revolved around sermon preparation. ”

Award Day

“ A new pastor interviewed me personally recently for his podcast. He asked me to share a tale of ministry success. I was stumped mainly because, as I told him, ministry success usually comes so slowly that you can’t find it… ”

Why Biblical Literacy Isnt The Biggest Problem

“ I would recommend that in evangelical churches this issue is just not the first issue. I would recommend that the key issue is not primarily one of the head but from the heart. It’s not that individuals don’t know what the particular Bible tells us but that we (and I absolutely include myself) know what it tells us but don’t do it. It’s not knowledge but rather discipleship (by which I consist of evangelism which I respect as an essential component and proof of discipleship) which is the issue. ”

Flashback: Joy Is for the Generous

Money can’t buy happiness, right? We have all heard the maxim and on an intellectual level know it’s true. But still, this certainly looks like money could purchase us a little fix associated with joy.

The sense of sin is in proportion to our nearness to God. —Thomas Bernard