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The La Carte (July 6)

May the Our god of love and peace be along with you today.

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Disciple Making Movements

This analysis associated with disciple making actions, written from a Converted Presbyterian perspective, is very illuminating and very useful. “ The quantities, if they are to be believed, are staggering. Millions of Christian converts. A large number of churches. And all this particular in a few years, with relatively little direct wedding. It is no wonder how the recent missionary strategy known as ‘ Disciple-Making Movements’ (DMM) is becoming increasingly prevalent within Western missionary sending agencies. ”

How to Acquire Your Tongue

“ Toning down is a process through which a wild animal is subdued directly into adapting and publishing to human control. Which beast could be the hardest to acquire? Zebras? Sharks? Home cats? ” The Bible points us in a different direction…

Theistic Evolution and the Doctrine of Death

This long article from Development. com looks at theistic evolution and its teaching that there must have been death before man’ s fall into bad thing. “ Belief in evolution can significantly alter one’s concept of death. The whole creation/evolution debate revolves throughout the question of how God created. Was this by speaking items into existence ex nihilo , ‘out associated with nothing’ (see Hebrews 11: 3)? Did He specially develop unique kinds of living organisms upon our planet inside a single 7 days? Or did God use evolution, growing out this innovative activity over billions of years? If the latter, inevitably struggle, disease, violence plus death would have already been involved at every step along the way. ”

John Hus’s Company of Women

“ Steve Hus, the Bohemian Reformer who was ruined as heretic at the Council of Constance, was supported with a large number of women. This was, in some ways, unusual. ” Simonetta Carr points out.

Exactly what does It Mean that Jesus Is Prophet, Clergyman, and King?

“ Theologians down the centuries have got often spoken associated with Jesus’s threefold workplace. Jesus has 1 office, that of Messiah or Christ. They are the anointed a single, the one mediator among God and guy, the Savior. But this office has three aspects into it: those of prophet, clergyman, and king. ”

One particular Surprising Reason for Discomfort

Ruben Piper: “ Precisely why do we have a global like this? Why so much pain? Why so much conflict? Why a lot suffering? Why a lot gas? It is a terrible place. It is a conveyor belt of corpses. Millions of people right now are weeping their eyes out over the sorrows in their lives, these days. Why such a planet? ”

On Taking Center

This is a hard and haunting update from healthcare missionaries in Uganda.

Flashback: Controversy or Complacency

Debate and complacency—both are usually alive in the cathedral today. Sadly, both are alive within me as well.

It is not the lack of sin but the grieving over it which distinguishes the child of Our god from empty teachers. —A. W. Pink