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5 Deadly Sins of the Unhealthy Church

In working with dozens of church buildings over the last 20 years, I’ ve discovered some deadly sins of an unhealthy church. And I should clarify that and say these are deadly sins of church people.

I’ m a walking testimony the fact that people who make up Christ’ s church nevertheless sin. It is the consequence of who we are that individuals need a Savior.

I chose the word “ deadly” intentionally. Of course , it’ ersus a strong word, and am have no research at the rear of my claim that when you have any of these your specific church will eventually die. I have been told the church on average will require 30 years to die if it remains in continual decline. But I can’ big t confirm that statistic possibly.

I do know numerous churches that are within decline. There are church buildings that once located vibrant, growing church buildings, which  have been changed into a unique restaurant, workplace or condominium. I’ ve seen that. I have enjoyed several the food.

Once again, I have worked with several churches and pastors in revitalization – as a pastor plus a consultant. Those chapels needed revitalization for any reason. They were within decline.

Within each of these churches, I saw some – sometimes all – of such deadly sins. So , that’ s my “ research”.

Simply knowing these will not heal a church or help it to grow again. My hope, however , would be that the awareness helps you lead through them. In an forthcoming post I’ll talk about the counter to this one. What are attributes which will bring health to some church and help it grow?

Because pastor, when I encounter these in a chapel they become the subject matter of much of my teaching and leadership, since each of them have biblical implications. I am not afraid in order to challenge these head-on if needed; either directly with people or even with the congregation as a whole. They are as well important not to address.

In fact , I am not sure you will see much progress towards revitalization until there is several repentance or, at least, discontinuance of these deadly sins.  

Five deadly sins of an unhealthy chapel:

Apathy. The moment a church halts caring for the mission of the church over any other activity they have lost it’s method. The mission should come first.

To be clear, the particular mission is not  programs, systems or buildings. These are means to accomplish the mission. We should care for them and have the best we are able to offer. But they are usually secondary to the mission.

When the church cares more about the personal comfort of members and protecting the way in which things have always been performed than it does concerning the broken and lostness of the community about them it has fallen into the deadly sin of apathy.

Pride . This may be the most often repeated sin There are seen in churches. It mostly occurs if a church has had success and then simply grew to become comfortable.  

When pride gets control anything that is challenged in the church will cause people to become defensive. People will safeguard what they perceive to have built. “My grandma donated that home furniture. You can’t get rid of it. ” (Actual statement I’ve heard and a lot of similar. )

If I have to help remind you from Scriptures how offensive pride is to God then we will need an additional post. There is excessive biblical evidence with this short post.

Disunity . This unity is simply when the church is not really unified it certainly could be around its mission, but most most likely it’s disunited around lesser issues worth addressing. (I once witnessed a heated argument over the purchase of toilet paper. Do you buy it at any given time or do you purchase it in bulk? Right now that’s an important concern. )

By the way, this sin consists of the dreaded unaggressive aggression, and I’ve seen that one so many times. It includes talking about people rather than speaking with people. It’ t choosing sides over nonessential issues, instead of coming together for your furtherance of the Gospel.

Judgemental attitudes . Christ was constantly combating this one with the spiritual leaders of the day. If a church is more worried about the sins away from walls of the chapel than the ones inside has fallen straight into legalism. I can imagine God will have an extremely hard time honoring that church.   It dishonors the Gospel for which Jesus found share.

Disobedience . With no faith it is difficult to please God.   When a cathedral fails to walk simply by faith it is sinning against the original design God had intended for His people and His church.

With this one I realise that many time the particular church has merely quit listening to the voice of God. When all the techniques for doing cathedral are in place and nothing new has been attempted you can do chapel without His involvement. It’s easy to prevent asking for His assist.

Is this too harsh of a publish? I hope not. We trust calling bad thing – sin – is still acceptable to the Church these days. So , the question becomes regardless of whether you agree cathedral people can get into one of these. And, more suitable question is whether your church has any of these.

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