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The particular Good Stuff: Multivitamins For the Weekend [07.03.21]

Happy,   happy, happy weekend break!  
Let’ s not allow everyday routines numb us to the magic of living each day! Some true, down in the bones JOY to celebrate today! Links & stories 100% going to make you smile a mile wide & believe like crazy in a Good God redeeming everything. Never, ever give up… there really is hope, even for us.

Providing up only the Nutrients for you & your own people right here:

Ginny Sheller

Ginny Sheller

Ginny Sheller

Ginny Sheller

Ginny Sheller

too attractive not to share with you… exhale deeply as you rest and restore this weekend break

woah! Man builds an entire village for his little outdoor friend

stories like these?! certainly not, ever get old… love like love this one

arrive for a quiet go to? and a glimpse right into a life on a tiny Scottish Island within the Outer Hebrides. Last Autumn they invested an entire month living and working on Vatersay, a tiny island associated with ninety people , the 5 hour boat journey in the Scottish mainland

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what’ s not to love right here? had to share…

how about a few Red Eyed Gravy?!

because she’ d kinda the best

At age seventy, Yankees fan reaches live out her desire being a bat woman

6 decades after the group said no, Gwen McLoughlin served as being a bat girl for her beloved New York Yankees

“You know when they say dreams come true? This really is it… ”

oh, these words… Scars within Heaven

Very best Neurocycle, and how will it combat grief, burnout and stress?

Communication pathologist and cognitive neuroscientist Dr Caroline Leaf explains how this method works

Believe Who God States You Are

Our favorite country home #FreeTrade Resource: group of 3 Ceramic Containers

… traditional loveliness in our Reasonable Trade store, Elegance Crafted Home:

providing a few ceramic nesting bowls every day here in the farm… they are since sweet as the spirit that made them. Have always the perfect bowl with this set of three having their nests bowls. Every item in our Grace Designed Home collection can be Fair Trade plus brings dignity to the artisans who made them. The art of producing clay pottery is really as old as human being civilization. This age-old tradition of making clay pottery still exists in Nepal. In spite of all the influences associated with modernization and development, the potters of Kathmandu Valley still find their sustenance on their potter’s wheels.  

Your home and lifestyle can tell a story — that’s changing the storyplot of the world.

( 100% of all money not only empowers artisans around the world, but partners with   Mercy House Global  to support several homes regarding young women and their particular babies in crisis pregnancies in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya)

Compose a home that represents your values: traditional beauty, heirloom quality, fair trade — Grace all around

reunions such as? tears every time

To All Who Feel  Empty

An Invitation towards the Bored and Unhappy

glory, glory, glory

Properly, hello JULY !

“Whatever you do, do everything…*giving thanks” Col. 3 or more: 1

God’s will is for us to give thanks a lot in all things…because this is how God knows we are able to live through anything.

All the analysis concludes that if you write down just three or more things you’re pleased for every day, you increase your happiness by 25%! Who doesn’t want that?! And giving thanks in most things is a God-command for our joy. Let us do it!

Take those Joy Dare (3 prompts a day to find 3 gifts) – and hang it on the fridge for the entire family to take the  #JOYDARE  too! Scavenger hunt for God’s glory!
Print the month of July Pleasure Dare, and the whole year of Pleasure Dares, right here:

And pick-up a copy from the new 10th anniversary model of One Thousand Presents , and count all the ways This individual loves you, & fall in love with Him once again! AND, when you do, you will get a whole FREE Joy Tool Kit which includes 5 special printables: a “How to Always Find Joy” Frameable, a regular Joy Map & Planner, a Family Gratitude Gift Jar package, a 12-Month Joy Calendar, and a Every day Joy Compass. Learn how you can get yours today!

full stop: powerful teaching from Francis Chan for every one of us…

Malfunction to Dynasty – Ch. 6: Reed Robertson shares their deeply personal story…

Instagram: @historycoolkids

In this short video clip, Holocaust survivor Gerda Weissmann Klein plus her husband, Kurt Klein, share their experiences of liberation and meeting initially.

because someone may need these words today: Trusting The almighty in the Darkness

You Already Have What You Need, Now Allow God Work

she can preach! thank you for these words of truth, Priscilla Shirer

One Surprising Reason for Pain // Ask Pastor John Piper

Why Abel Certainly not Lost Hope Throughout His Cancer Battle

Over and above grateful for the lifetime saving work associated with Compassion International

Psalm 148 is a necessitate the whole cosmos in order to praise God. In the climactic conclusion of Psalm 148, we all read that Israel should praise The almighty because He has elevated a horn on their behalf. But what’s the deal with this horn? And why is God raising it up? In this video clip, we explore how Psalm 148 matches into the overall tale of the book of Psalms—the story associated with God’s promise to raise up a ruler who will bring triumph to Israel plus rescue the world.

Thank you, BibleProject

Books designed for Soul Healing:

One Thousand Gifts

Joy is really possible, right in which you are.

Take the dare to discover: Life is not an crisis …Life is a GIFT. Life is too short to do anything but really savor it — to count all of the ways you really loved.

The particular Broken Way

What if Brokenness is the Path to the Abundant Life?
You don’t have to become afraid of broken details — because Christ is redeeming everything.
There are no other authentic method forward — yet a broken way — right into a profoundly abundant life.

The Way of Abundance

Journey into a deeply meaningful life using this devotional and get sixty steps from heart-weary brokenness to Christ-focused abundance. The Way of Abundance — is the way forward every heart needs.

Become the Gift

Be the Gift is a tender invitation in to the next step of deeper transformation, less stress, more joy plus abundantly more peacefulness & purpose. You simply get one life to like well…to Be The Present.

on continue doing this week: His Name is definitely Jesus

[ Print’s FREE here: ]

The world will state they will love a person if you are beautiful— but the truth is you are stunning because you are already cherished.

Because He who is Love loves you unconditionally.

Please hear me, Girl: The entire world has enough women who know how to do their hair. It needs ladies who know how to do hard and holy things.

The world has enough women who have live a disguised insecurity. It needs more women who live the brave vulnerability.

The world provides enough women that are trying to do it all—spending everything they’ve have got to be found in the group. It needs more who are doing the only matter that is necessary—spending period at His foot, being found plus known by Your pet.

We need more women who would rather become beautifully sacrificial compared to perfectly artificial.

Don’t let Hollywood define it; allow the pages of Reality define it: Love is a long compromise.

Say that silent to yourself in the mirror, over the stove, over the toilet containers, and let your soul feel the caress of God to know: Romance is a lengthy sacrifice.

Then it will happen to you, like it happens to all of the women who are spirit beautiful and cherished:

For a gorgeous countenance—count blessings.
For beautiful lips—only speak words which make souls stronger.
To carry yourself with poise—carry each other’s burden.
For your most beautiful shape—simply experience one hand receiving all of the as gift, as well as other hand giving away the gifts. You becoming the shape of a gift—
Becoming the form of a Cross.
Go ahead, Girl, run your hands wild through your hair and smile unashamed and be in peace in the volume of you and put your beauty out like an alabaster fragrance:

Beauty does not live in your skin.
Beauty lives in the liner of your heart.

[excerpted from our little Facebook family … come join us each day?]

Dare to completely live!

That’ s all for this weekend, friends.

Go slower. Be God-struck. Give grace. Live Reality.

Give Thanks. Adore well. Re – joy, re- pleasure, ‘ re- joys’ again

Share No matter what Is Good.