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A La Carte (July 2)

Grace and peacefulness to you from God our Father as well as the Lord Jesus Christ.

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My Life being a Christian Under a Communist Regime

Zhang San displays on living the Christian life within communist regime. “ It may shock you, but through my perspective the main suffering for Chinese Christians is not physical persecution or insufficient religious liberty yet bad theology, though the reason for bad theology is the lack of freedom. ”

Critical Race Theory: Civil Rights Inverted

Greg Koukl has a long article about CRT which is meant to be “ not so much a evaluate of CRT since it is a clarification from the basic elements, an evaluation between it as well as the ethics of the city rights movement from the ’60s, and a extreme care regarding its totalitarian tendencies. ”


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The particular Unbelief in My Perception

Glenna Marshall considers those little opportunities we get (and often fail to take) to share the gospel. “ You are just a messenger of a good, good message. You can reveal it with hope instead of fear when you entrust every discussion to the Lord. His ways will not be thwarted by stammering or awkward silences. ”

The particular Spleen, Once Considered to be Vestigial, Now Named a Critically Important Organ

At AiG is really a long and fascinating article about the spleen, which was once considered to be vestigial and useless… until scientists looked a little closer. The article aptly shows the difference between looking at your body as evolved versus looking at it because designed.


T. M. Suffield: “ There’s a sense that comes with long difficult work that leads to forming something that you made. It’s difficult to find the right words for it, but the nearest I could think of is transcendence . That incredible energy can be turned into something totally new, that speaks of you as its manufacturer and bears your own stamp on the every surface. That will blood, sweat, and tears can be poured into a place before you have a form. When i write it is yet unfinished, but the shell is taking on comfort and life. Bricks are becoming a dwelling. ”

Poena Cullei: The particular Worst Roman Abuse

I actually find articles like this one helpful in better understanding the context where the Old Testament has been written and the early church began.

Flashback: When Failure Saves plus Success Destroys

Here’s some thing I’ve learned by means of 40 years of success and failure: God’s care for us may be better expressed within allowing us to fail than enabling us to succeed.

Though our innocency will not secure us from troubles, yet it will greatly support and comfort us under our troubles. —Matthew Henry