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A La Carte (June 30)

Good morning. May the particular grace of the Lord Jesus Christ end up being with you today.

I just obtained copies of Kathleen Neilson’ s new four-book series and am immediately the fan. They are for sale this week at Westminster Books.

A Brief History of How Friendships Like Yours Can transform the World

“ Every Christian wants to make a difference. Yet few of us learn how to turn that wish into action. We all look around at all the needs and opportunities, and think to ourselves, ‘ So… what do We already have that can make in fact a difference? ’ You can find countless ways to answer that question. Yet here’s one easy answer that’s usually ignored: ‘ Your friends! ’ Let me explain. ”

Why Does God Sometimes Not Answer Prayer?

Benjamin George writes that “ many Christians today in India consider prayer as a type of magic, and that they have a ‘ blank cheque’ with respect to prayer. ” What’ s accurate in India is true elsewhere! This article way to correct that misunderstanding.


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What is Mount Zion?

“ Mount Zion is likely a term which you have heard before or even read in Bible verses, but may not have got given much thought to what or exactly where it is. ” Lucas Hagen provides a little primer about a key biblical location.

Getting Beyond “Do You Believe within Jesus? ”

“ In case you truly care about his / her soul, you will get above ‘ do you believe in Jesus? ’. It’s not enough to request someone if they trust in Jesus. Sadly, most of the time even if they will answer yes, they may be still a hell-bound soul. Obviously, we can’t know people’s hearts, but we all know what they say, and simply saying ‘ I believe in Jesus’ is just not enough. ”

The Demise of a Spouse

Edward Ruiz writes movingly in regards to the death of a spouse. “ I wanted to publish a piece because I believe it’s time to start sharing this journey. Though I want to talk about the death of a spouse as I carry on and grieve, I know others reading this will or are facing their own grief, so I am writing as a way to preach the gospel to myself (and to others). ”

The Underappreciated Blessing of Duty

We appreciated this article within the underappreciated blessing associated with duty. I’ ve said it just before: It’ s the word I think we might do well to recover since Christians! “ Both you and I live in a world that elevates individual desire above everything. And it is exhausting. The particular wisdom of the age group says being true to yourself and subsequent your dreams brings freedom. But how often the opposite is true! ”

Flashback: A Spirit Physician

When I see somebody believing what is wrong or living in a way that dishonors God, I need to resist the temptation to offer the quick fix and instead to, to pray, to see, and to trace that will sin to its root.

Christ said, “By their particular fruits you will know them. ” How many blackberries do you need to find on a rose bush before you know it is a blackberry rose bush? It’s not a hundred. —Colin Cruz