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The La Carte (June 28)

Good morning. May grace and peace become with you today.

Comfort Dealing with Death

“ Do you think about your own dying? Poets may come plan flowery words plus philosophers may make scholarly statements that ring hollow when there is simply no connection with the Word associated with God. But in Psalm 139 God gives us the ease and comfort we need when facing the end of our lives…”

Communication’s Two Catastrophic Cousins

“ Joseph Stowell calls them ‘ catastrophic cousins, ’ and it wouldn’t be hard to make the case through mere observation they destroy more human relationships and cause a lot more church splits compared to any spiritual illness: slander and gossip. Oh, how the kids and daughters of Adam love gossip… ”


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The Myth of Bedroom Personal privacy

It’ s funny the way you can take certain elements for granted and inadvertently read all of them back into our knowledge of history. This article gifts an example: bedroom privacy. “ Private sleeping rooms are a historically current invention. Covid-19 made them public again. ”

Equipping the New orleans saints

“ Church was in no way intended to be the religious equivalent of a spectator sport. Yet, somehow, this is how it has turn out to be treated, not only by many people Christians; but by their pastors as well. ”

Lord Doesn’t Compromise

Erik Raymond reminds us associated with some key gospel truths. “ Inside a world of misfits and disorder, we need an administration associated with justice. At the same time, we all crave expressions of just mercy. ”

Survival of the Show-Offs

“ When you see a peacock strutting his stuff for the peahen, you may be surprised that a drab dark brown bird is the object of his passion. There are obvious distinctions between the appearances associated with male and female peafowl. Many other creatures also exhibit radically different traits between genders, a phenomenon known as sexual dimorphism. Secular theory claims sexual dimorphism is a result of evolutionary forces that drove males and females down separate paths designed for reproductive success, but is there a biblical explanation for why male and female animals aren’t always identical? ”

Flashback: Why You Won’t Ensure it is Without Armor

“ That goes naked and unarmed into battle, where so many types of weapons are ready to take away his life? ”

We will need to watch towards temptation so long as we are in this wilderness of sin. Only within heaven are all of us out of gunshot from the devil. —Charles Spurgeon