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5 Bad Reasons to Seed a Church

There are some bad reasons to seed a church.

Please understand, I love church planting. When I moved back into church revitalization, part of the concern I had was I might not have the foot into chapel planting. That would be tough for me. After two successful plants plus having worked with literally hundreds of planters, I believe it’ s inside my blood. (Interestingly, my mom served on the primary of a church shrub before she wedded my dad. )

Thankfully, I still have lots of strategies to be a part of cathedral planting from a well established church. I’ mirielle still involved with Rapid. Our church plant life churches. And planters still ask for the help on a regular basis.

But for many years I’ ve been concerned about one thing I realize in the church planting movement.

I seem to find some planters – or want-to-be planters – who put a church for some bad reasons. The truth is we need people known as to ministry within the established church. We require them in chapel revitalization. Not everyone needs to be a church planter.

And the bigger issue is without the correct reasons, if we aren’t careful, a church plant could turn out to be just a part of a growing fad and no best good will come from it. People will waste materials valuable time, energy plus resources when they basically were never called to plant. That’ s not good for your planter or the Kingdom.

So , we must be careful to vegetable for the right cause. And, equally importantly, to not plant for the wrong reasons.

Let me provide some examples of poor reasons to plant the church. There are definitely others.

Here are 5 poor reasons to plant the church:

You’ lso are running from specialist.

I’ ve worked with some people who didn’ t want to the actual rules. In fact , I am that person sometimes. Could may be a good attitude for an entrepreneurial type, and church planters certainly are, it is not reasonable to start a church. When this is the reason it is sometimes out of pride plus arrogance. God cannot honor that.

You’ lmost all have authority in the church plant – or at least you should. One of the quickest ways to burnout and flame out there is to refuse this. If you’ re smart you’ ll give away authority instead of be a power-broker. Most of us need some power and accountability within our lives.

You want to do issues your way.

I understand. Actually. Especially if you worked for any controlling leader or even for someone who acquired no passion or vision. You have energy and momentum around a dream and have to explore it. I get it. Bravo! I actually applaud seeking after something which grabs your heart.

But be careful. Sometimes a desire birthed in good can quickly become something birthed in rebellion. So when this happens, many times a person close yourself to tips other than your own. You then become the controlling leader you resented. And you will limit the vision you are seeking to a person. You limit everything you control.

Make sure you’ re not planting simply so you can exclusively do something YOUR way.

You want to be close to momma.

Or momma-in-law. This one sometimes hits too close to house. And I get this one too. You love your family. There is free babysitting. Loving a family is an excellent thing.

But our callings are bigger than the comfort of house – or the awesome city where we can find the best coffee shops. Sometimes God provides us huge latitude in location, but sometimes He will not.

Definitely we need planters all over the place. And home might be exactly where God desires you to plant. (I planted a chapel in my home town. A few questioned it, yet I knew it was what I was known as to do. The evidence is in the results more than 15 years later on. ) God might allow you to plant where exactly you “ want” to plant. I really hope He does.

Sometimes, however , God’ s program sends us where we don’ to necessarily want to move. He often calls us to depart our comfort zone. Make sure in whatever you do the decision is always Their – and not your own alone.

Your friends performing it.

It’ ersus popular to put a church these days. As I said, I still attend church growing conferences. We need plenty of new churches. Lots. And the church sowing movement attracts a lot of people.

Therefore , if you have friends within ministry, some of your pals may be desiring in order to plant a church. It seems to be the buzz these days.

It’ s simply never a good reason to plant a church because everyone else does it. It needs to be your calling – not anyone else’ s.

You’ ve got the cool factor.

I satisfy some really cool people planting churches. We needed to clarify this particular because I was almost 40 when I grown a church the very first time and I had lengthy passed the day I could wear skinny denims.

Chapel plants – everything new – draws in cool. (It’ t funny, when I attend church planting conferences there are lots of similar looks. Styles change but church planters maintain the styles. )

Yet cool does not create a good church planter. I should be truthful, it doesn’ to hurt. Boring will be boring. But it isn’ t a reason to plant a chapel. And the fact is we want cool people in the established church also. Church revitalization requirements cool too – perhaps even more.

So why put a church?

There is actually only one reason to plant a cathedral.

You are fully persuaded God has known as you to plant the church.

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