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Weekend A La Carte (June 26)

May the Lord of peace grant you his richest blessings this weekend.

(Yesterday on the weblog: New and Notable Books for June 2021)

What the Holy bible Teaches About Being rejected and Embrace

Megan Taylor swift: “ We have everyday encounters with being rejected in job lookups, auditions, and associations, and yet it by no means seems to get any kind of easier. Rejection undercuts our deep wish to belong, and many times we settle for the shallow approval of the world rather than the endless embrace of the Dad. ”

Don’t Read Providence Like Scripture

It’ s i9000 good advice, this. “ There is a subtle plus profound danger in confusing the guide of Providence (what God sovereignly does) and the book associated with Scripture (what The almighty clearly says). Because God’s people, we would be foolish to ignore God’s work in this world through ordinary, everyday means. Amen, our God is always at work. However…”

Should Christians Visit Cemeteries?

I invest a fair bit of period at a cemetery nowadays, so appreciate Mark Piper’ s dealing with of this question.

The Everlasting Lesson of the Galileo Myth

Joe Carter addresses a myth about Galileo: “ The real story is not about an enlightened man of science being persecuted by a narrow-minded Catholic Church because that story is mostly a myth. It’s not a story about a excellent scientific genius either, though he primarily was that. ”

Forbear with each other

There is some good material here on the Christian discipline of forbearing along with others.

Get Sovereignty Correct & the Rest Drops Into Place

Sovereignty is one of those doctrines. If you get it right, a lot else falls into place behind it.

Flashback: Perhaps you have Looked Into the Reflection Today?

As the mirror dangling on the wall demonstrates the outer man, the mirror of God’s Word shows the inner man. For this reason every Alfredia needs to gaze to the mirror of the Phrase to assess the condition of his coronary heart.

To teach men that they possess the ability to turn from sin when they choose to do so is to hide the true extent of their need. —Iain Murray