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The Sermon Illustration in order to Challenge Us to Tell the Gospel

A Sermon Example to Challenge Us to Tell the Gospel

Billions of individuals around the world have little or no opportunity to hear the particular gospel.

Lots of people in the United States, including several who themselves have never heard the Good News, are certainly not Christ-followers.

Several of our neighbors likely are not believers.

In many cases, some of our personal family members aren’t Christians.

Lostness encompases us, even if we don’t always look at people as “sheep without a shepherd” (Matt 9: 36). We may live in evangelistic apathy, but the realities associated with heaven and heck remain.

Once i think about this truth, I am reminded of a situation I found myself in several years ago. I was the rookie volunteer firefighter, excited every day to perform something I had dreamed of doing for many years. On this particular day, our own firefighting team taken care of immediately a small fire in a trailer by the road. Bales of hay were burning whenever we arrived.

All of us extinguished the fire, and my work then was in order to probe for any some other hot spots or fireplace remaining in the hay. As I focused intently on doing that task, I failed to recognize that a small fire had erupted at my feet. In fact , I didn’t notice this until my chief said to me, “Uuhh… you’re standing in fireplace! ” It seems I had been so protected by my fire shoes and so focused on the task that I missed the flames directly around me.

We fear I might sometimes do the same with people about me. I preach the truth of endless damnation, but I suspect I sometimes miss people near to me who are headed toward everlasting open fire. I’m so insulated in my church function and so focused on additional ministry tasks that I don’t always feeling the flames close to me.

May God forgive me—and compel me in order to evangelize!

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