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The La Carte (June 15)

May the The almighty of love plus peace be together with you today.

There’ s an eclectic little listing of Kindle deals today.

(Yesterday on the weblog: This Broken, Beautiful World)

Should We Quote the Bible to Non-Christians?

George Sinclair requests the question in a Canadian context, but it extends far beyond our borders. “ It really is rarely talked about, most Christians today might say that you should not quote the Bible to a non-Christian. They might say that people who quote the Bible to non-Christians are being foolish since we no longer live in a Christian culture. In reflection and response, I would like to provide four comments upon biblical evangelism. ”

Simply by Design

After losing the girl sense of smell through a bout along with COVID-19, Susan Lafferty reflects on the complexity of God’ s design (for your body and the church).

The Ark of the Covenant in its Egyptian Context

This article from Biblical Archaeology compares and clashes the Ark from the Covenant to some comparable objects from the historic Egyptian world.

The Most Effective Technology on the Planet to Prevent Pornography

Justin Taylor highlights a new and evidently highly effective technology designed to prevent access to porn material.

The very first Church Discipline in 1, 000 Yrs

“ Locals have a very aggressive way of pruning their own fruit trees. In the very end of fall, the old guys with their sickle sticks make their models again – and leave the trees and shrubs naked for the winter season. We were not within our current house this past winter, but we saw the effects of the lack of pruning on our loquat tree. Yes, this late spring this had several weeks of the yellow/orange fruit. It was really fun while it lasted. 1 morning I triumphantly plucked my breakfast straight from the shrub. But the neighbors’ trees and shrubs had four situations as much fruit regarding twice as long! ”

The Viral Math Trick Everyone’ s Talking About

I’ meters no good at math, but I do look for a kind of symmetrical beauty to it.

Who Does Romans 7 Depict? (Video)

It’ t a very common question and I appreciate the method Derek Thomas plus Steve Lawson solution it here.

Flashback: The Things You Think You Can Deal with On Your Own

The things I fail to pray about would be the things I believe I can handle on my own, the things for which I don’t think I need God’s intelligence, perspective, or intervention.

If there is one single molecule in this galaxy running around loose, totally free of God’s sovereignty, then we have no guarantee that a solitary promise of Our god will ever be fulfilled. —R. C. Sproul