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The particular Bridegroom Who Pursues You

This week the blog is sponsored by Core Christianity and this post is written Pastor Adriel Sanchez, host of Core Radio, a daily reside radio program aimed at answering tough questions about the Christian life. Core Christianity is available to help people understand the core truths of the Christian faith through their daily radio program, web content articles, and free assets.

When I was in college, there was a local freezing yogurt place the Yogurt Mill which was located just a few mls nearby. I went to a small Christian liberal arts school, as well as the joke on campus was that if a guy took a girl towards the Yogurt Mill, this individual was destined to marry her. It was totally fine to the Yogurt Mill on your own or with a group of friends, but if you had been meeting someone on the Yogurt Mill, that alone would certainly raise eyebrows. Everyone knew that the Fat free yogurt Mill is where you fulfill your future spouse!

Although it isn’t really a mill, neither does it sell fat free yogurt, there’s a similar meeting place in the Old Testament—the place where a man of marriageable age meets a woman associated with marriageable age and becomes betrothed (see Gen. 24, 29; Exod. 2).

In Sara 4, Jesus—the lick (John 3: 29)—intentionally travels to a foreign place (Samaria) and meets a woman at a well . No wonder this raised the eyebrows of the disciples. It should raise our eye brows too! Not just since Jesus met a woman at a well, yet because of the specific woman he intentionally searched for. She isn’t the type of young woman the respectful Jewish man—a rabbi no less! —would pursue for several reasons. First, she’s from Samaria (4: 7), and the Jews in Jesus’ day didn’t associate with Samaritans. Second, she’s had five husbands. Even by our standards, 5 husbands are a lot! In those days, it would were jaw-dropping. It would have raised a lot of questions too. Perhaps several of her husbands had died, but the most likely answer is that they’d all left her. And right now, she’s living with a man who else isn’t her hubby, adding to the scandal.

Five times divorced, today living with some accidental guy, she’s a good outcast, living with pity. In her thoughts, finding true love—one who will never depart her or flee her—is probably no more an option. She’s given up looking. But not Christ. He hasn’t given up on her.

This woman is really a picture of the new bride of Christ, the church, baggage and all! Jesus came to gather his bride, the particular straying people of God, and just as he offers the woman at the well, he provides his people themself, the living drinking water.

When and how did Jesus give this girl the living water? We find out at the end of John’s Gospel whenever he mentions something about Jesus’ crucifixion that we don’t discover anywhere else: “But among the soldiers pierced his side with a spear, and at once there was released blood and water” (19: 34). Discuss living water! Within the Old Testament, God’s people were forbidden from eating food with bloodstream because the “life is within the blood” (Lev. 17: 11). Here we have the lifeblood-water flowing from their pierced side, from his heart. It does not take blood of Christ that washes sinners, that gives us living, making us a part of the bride of Christ.

This, however , is not the first time a bride-to-be was created from the aspect of someone in Scripture, is it? Think returning to Genesis 2, when God put Adam to sleep plus from his side created Eve. In late John’s Gospel, all of us see the second Adam on the cross, plus from the blood that will flowed from their side, a new bride-to-be, the church, has been formed.[1]

Who does Jesus pursue to stay the church, their bride? People who originate from the wrong families, whom don’t worship The almighty the right way, who have all kinds of baggage, who have been declined and neglected. Dear friend, Jesus pursues you , and through his shed bloodstream, he makes you part of his bride, the particular church.

[1] See Brant Pitre, Jesus the Bridegroom: The best Love Story Actually Told (United Kingdom: Picture, 2014), 78–79.

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