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The La Carte (June 4)

The grace in our Lord Jesus Christ be with you these days.

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The Wait of the Globe

We are pretty sure you’ ll be encouraged simply by this dispatch from far away. “ The goal of the trip has been to connect with a few isolated church commanders in the district. You can find very few Christians in this area and Bob plus Pastor S needed meet with the leaders who are working right now there to discuss ways in which we are able to come alongside current leaders and chapels in discipleship and ongoing outreach tasks. Along the way they remained in small green tea houses run simply by local families. It was in one of those green tea houses the group found out God’s purpose for your trip…”

Chasing Rest

“ Occasionally, my friend, the most devoted thing you can do can be crawl into bed at the end of the day, close your eyes, and sleep. This is my mantra for today, this week, this month, and this summer. ”

Shadows Within TheSky (Video)

This short video includes some mesmerizing footage of storm clouds.

Be Careful Regarding Calling Somebody a Heretic

Darryl Dash is exactly right in this. “ We can’t afford to lose the group of heresy. Ironically, which means being careful to not call something a heresy when it isn’t really, or calling someone a heretic that has wrong on a secondary or tertiary problem. ”

In Defense associated with Agabus

“ Recently, I used to be listening to an online debate regarding prophecy in the Old Testament versus the New Testament. During the discussion, the statement was made in defense of errant prediction today, concluding Agabus as inaccurate in the prophecy ministered to the apostle Paul within Acts 21. I am by no means a Bible scholar or perhaps a theologian. But as being a lay person, I have to candidly say that the particular statement bothered me personally when I heard this. ” It bothers me too…

The Great Sheep Panic of 1888

Here’ s a weird little piece of history that might just make a great sermon illustration! “ Sheep are notoriously timid and anxious animal, and can obtain startled easily. Yet what mysterious provocation could have caused thousands of sheep to lose their particular mind at once provides baffled scientists for a long time. ”

The New Culture War Battleground Is You

Carl Trueman: “ General public policy is progressively driven by the assumption that private psychological states or emotions are the basic base for personal identity — for who good we are. The idea that systems can contain the wrong mind and that systems ought to be fashioned to the inner will and feelings is now common. ”

Flashback: The Space Between Courting and Hooking Up

Courtship and hooking up are two very different methods for a relationship, but they share a common result: They put too much bodyweight on too fragile a relationship.

Sinful years place thorns in the pillow on which the head of old age rests. —J. L. Miller