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The Pastoral Prayer regarding Love

As you know, I like to share occasional examples of pastoral prayers. I do this hoping they may provide inspiration for others as they prepare their prayers week by week. This specific prayer was prayed this weekend in Grace Fellowship Church.

Our Dad in heaven, we love you.

How can we but love a person, for you are so worthy of our love. We all look at the gods that will men have invented and we can only conclude that will none of them are worthy of love. They are little, they capricious, they may be arbitrary, they are unfair, they are unjust, they may be unlovable. We could not love those gods. But we look at what you have exposed of yourself and our hearts swell, our hearts delight, our hearts are drawn to you. We all love you because you are kind, since you are good, because you are usually merciful. We adore you because you are usually slow to rage and abounding in steadfast love. All of us love you because you are the same yesterday, nowadays, and forever. All of us love you since you have first cherished us. Thank you for as being a God who is eminently worthy of our greatest loyalty, our greatest affection.

However we confess, God, that we have not always adored you as we should. Too often we have adored ourselves far more. We now have chosen to do what pleases us instead of what pleases a person. We have chosen to pursue our heart’s wishes instead of yours. All of us was born in the state of rebellion against you and all of us deepened that rebellion as soon as there were the ability to do so. So we confess our sin and our sinfulness, the sins we have committed and our very tendency toward sin. Forgive all of us, Lord, for being sinners, and do forgive us for each and every transgression of your law every and every failure to perfectly conform to it.

Thank you, Master, that you do forgive. Thank you so much that you have forgiven. Appreciate it that you always will certainly forgive. Thank you that your heart is permanently inclined toward forgiveness, that your love is deep and strong and true. Thank you that your love will not waver and does not whither. Thank you that you have refurbished the relationship that we destroyed, that you have bound upward all that we had damaged. Thank you that you have enabled us to come for you, and thank you which you tell us to come just like we are, thank you you get us with hands open wide, thank you that you make all of us new.

Plus Father, you have today invited us to create our prayers before you, to speak so you can listen and respond. And so, because you have got told us to get this done, we now bring our petitions. We request first and foremost that you would receive the glory through us. We inquire that we would be devoted, faithful to be who you tell us to become, faithful to worth what you tell us to value, and devoted to do what you would possess us do. We ask that we would certainly live out our enjoy for you by adoring one another. We inquire that we would live with kindness and patience and generosity toward one another, that we might exemplify amongst yourself the virtues that are so perfectly observed in you. We ask that we would convenience one another in sorrow, that we would forgive one another when sinned against, that we will be slow to speak ill of one an additional and quick to indicate any and every evidence of your grace.

We pray that we would live nicely in this world, as devoted neighbors, faithful employees, faithful students, devoted friends. Help us to have a good status in the eyes of these around us. Help us to live in a manner that displays the gospel and that makes it appear attractive. Help all of us to be quick to inform others about Christ. Help us to carry out your work in this world, in order to serve as your associates.

We request, Lord, that you would keep us devoted, that you would protect us to the day time we see you face to face. We ask that some day we would remain together before the Throne, as brothers and sisters, at this point perfectly holy, celebrating in all you are and in all you’ve performed. Please Lord, carry on and show us your own love. Please Master, continue to help us to love you as we’ve been so perfectly and beautifully loved by you.

In Jesus’ name I hope, Amen.