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The La Carte (May 25)

The God of love and peace be with you today.

Today’ s Kindle deals include a couple of publications (at least meant for now).

(Yesterday to the blog: What Jesus Does Not Pray)

I’ ve Sinned… Once again. Will God Forgive Me?

“ If you’re struggling with that one sin that never seems to disappear, the one that has a ideal record when dealing with off against you in the ring, that’s when you need the good news of the inexhaustible grace plus love of Christ more than ever. Why? Because when we’re lower we’re more likely to think that devilish lie that will God’s love can be contingent on our performance. ”

In a World associated with Narratives, Be Radically Committed to Reality

There is some thing here to make everybody content and (almost) everyone mad. But it’ s all well worth considering. “ Too many of us are very committed to partisan narratives, and not committed sufficient to reality. It’s tragic that this holds true even within the church—where Christians’ politics frequently shapes how they interpret and apply the particular Bible. In a globe of competing plus ultimately subjective narratives, we need more individuals radically committed to fact. And Christians are well positioned to be such people. ”

Your Neighbor Is Not a Virus

Here’ s another good one for those of us who’ve been locked down to get a long, long time. “ J ust as the new procedures were controversial and frequently divisive at the beginning of this particular pandemic, when within the mask was essential to avoid spreading a lethal virus and keeping away from friends plus loved ones was the prudent way to protect them from harm, therefore it will be controversial plus divisive to peel back habits we have developed for more than a year. ”

The Book Of Functions, Mark Dever And John Piper (JUNE 23-24TH)*LIVE*

Join Radius International at Bethlehem Baptist for this reside conference. You won’t want to miss the main sessions and the outbreaks (Parenting in quests, Movement methodology, Business for Missions, etc . ). Free books from Banner of Truth, Desiring Our god and 9Marks will also be a highlight. We hope you can join us live or through live stream. (Sponsored Link)

Faithful Application of the Word of Lord

Jared Wilson: “ I got had an uneasy connection with the way software is typically communicated within evangelical preaching since the days I was too much water in depression and suicidal thoughts in the midst of the wreckage of my life and I had a laptop full of helpful guidelines and action factors from years of Sunday sermons that when they will mattered most assisted the least. ”

Is Jesus Knocking at the Heart associated with the Unbeliever?

Here’ s a brief, simple, and completely Reformed answer through R. C. Sproul.

Delicious Despair

“ Grieving is not really passive. Suffering is not something that just occurs you and then you ride a wave associated with emotions until the circumstances quell. Suffering is much like school, and grieving is how we accomplish the coursework. It isn’t really the kind of education anyone willingly signs up for. But , when damage enters our lives, we are automatically enrolled to the seminar on struggling. And, just as we might prepare for any course, we must download the syllabus and begin in order to faithfully complete the particular assignments. ”

Prayerlessness Springs From Pride

Ryan points out the connection between prayerlessness and pride.

Flashback: 5 Warnings to Those Which Merely Pretend To Be Godly

The hypocrite might labor hard within this life, but the moment he dies he can lose absolutely every thing. The only reward he will be able to enjoy will be in this life given that he will certainly be condemned in death.

Worldly tears fall to the world, but godly holes are kept in a bottle. —Thomas Watson