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The La Carte (May 21)

The grace of our own Lord Jesus Christ be with you these days.

I’ m glad to see this new version of Catherine Vos’ s The Child’ s Story Scriptures (that, along with all children’ s sources, is on sale with Westminster Books).

Rapid-Onset Revolution

“ Moral change demands regime change. The type of authority demands it. Today we have been experiencing moral trend and realignment at a rate perhaps never before seen in human history. All around us, the landscape is in flux, as revolution continues its long mar through the institutions. ” An interesting article from CBMW looks at the particular rapid onset of this revolution.

Taste And See

Chris Thomas: “ The fulfilled Christian living takes place around a desk, a place where fun and memories are born, a place where stories are discussed and tears are spilled. The fulfilled Christian life occurs around a table, a spot where we sit down and share a meal along with Jesus, or more shockingly, a place where we all sit and our own meal is certainly Jesus! ”

Progressive Christians: Exactly where and How They Differ with Jesus

This article by Colton Hinson identifies some of the key variations between progressive Christianity and orthodox Christianity.

In Praise of Deeply, Slow Study

There is some thing to be said intended for deep and gradual study of God’ s Word.

Preaching in the Pit

Doug Eaton describes how “ occasionally you are called to preach from the hole. Pain, suffering, grief, and sorrow are certainly not reasons for the minister to back away through his calling in order to proclaim the word associated with God; they are often good lean into it. ”

Are You Looking High Enough?

“ Like many of you I have walked with Christ a long time but in revenge of how well He or she gets me, I still don’t get Him. Why does This individual allow certain items to happen? How This individual works is mysterious to me. What demands He answers, and which ones He doesn’t, affairs of the entire world and affairs of the heart, where is certainly He in all from it? ”

My Hiding Place

“ Suffering has a way of parting the heart, chiseling a highway straight down the middle, before offering grave detours; options. I have yet to satisfy a Christian that radiates the image from the Creator, that has not really suffered well , choosing to accept in peacefulness the precise will associated with God. ”

Flashback: When Your Testimony Just Isn’t That Good

… salvation is not any more genuine to people who can clearly keep in mind and recount conditions that led to their particular conversion. And I would go so far as to express that the “boring” testimonies of childhood conversion rates are the most blessed of all. After all, are not these exactly the testimonies we wish for our children?

The great antidote to anxiety would be to come to God within prayer. We are to pray about every thing. Nothing is too big just for Him to handle, plus nothing is too little to escape His attention. —Jerry Bridges