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A Major Communication Barrier On Every Team

There has been a major conversation barrier on each team I have directed. It really is huge, and yet usually overlooked.

Most effective teams at some time will do a personality assessment of team members. I work a great deal with Myers Briggs, but there are certainly other great types. At one time have probably taken most of them, All of them can be helpful at some level.

But this major communication barrier, although it can be picked up a few by a personality evaluation, is still often disregarded (or misunderstood) of all teams.

And, of course , this barrier entails a difference in people. If you’ ve lead teams at all you could most likely predict that.

A major conversation barrier on all of the teams:

  • Those who speak with and listen for details.
  • Those who speak with and listen for generalities.

You can call it “ big-picture oriented” and “ detail-oriented” – and also a host of additional terms. And, once again, this concept is obviously picked up in character types and assessments, but the nuance of this principal is massive. If you don’ to understand that people talk and listen in different ways you will continually be miscommunicating.

This is true in all relationships. It’ s genuine in my marriage. Actually it is our biggest source of conflict whenever we allow it to be. I talk and listen a lot more in generalities. My partner speaks and listens more for details.

Designed for illustration purposes, when I business lead a team We rarely tell them just how I want something done. I paint a huge picture vision, have lofty ideas, as well as a general concept of exactly what things might appear to be. Sometimes a person on this team who listens in details misunderstands my point. When they don’ t fully grasp this about me, (and I have to continually help remind people of our differences) they may think We gave them a certain directive, while I used to be only sharing an extremely general concept.

(And if you are wired for more information you’ re still waiting for a better definition of this basic principle. But that just further illustrates our point. )

Think about your own team for a moment. There will be huge variants of this principle one of them. No two people are simply alike. But if you had to assess – who are the people who else speak and listen for generalities? Plus who listen plus speak for more information?

There might lie a major communication barrier on your group.

Closing take note: I have worked with a lot of church buildings (and several businesses) through mergers, discord, and team characteristics. If you’ g like me to help your team know each other and collaborate much better together – and ultimately be more healthy – please let me know.

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