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Weekend break A La Carte (May 15)

May Lord bless and keep a person as you serve your pet and worship him this weekend.

If you’ ve ever desired to do some reading within the Puritans, than today’ s Kindle deals will become perfect.

(Yesterday over the blog: The Path in order to Glory)

Courage Motivated by the Martyrs

Ed Welch: “ Among the many characters of faith, the martyrs stand out. They get up a central place in our corporate identity because they so carefully evoke Jesus’ faithfulness in the face of death. Lord honors the martyrs even to the point which he uses their fatalities as a countdown to Jesus’ return. ”

Very best “Greatest Threat to the Gospel”?

John Mark Yeats says, “ The particular broader culture frequently embraces a new idea, philosophy, or perfect that challenge the particular claims of the cross. These challenges should not surprise us to get Jesus reminded His followers that we will be hated, persecuted, and oppressed. As we enter seasons where exterior cultural forces make it difficult to live a life of faithfulness, our internal adnger zone will frequently signal, ‘ Danger! ’ We all move to protect yourself or warn our community, and appropriately so. But here is the catch…”

A Different Undertake Barnabas

I like this undertake the split between Paul and Barnabas.

A Desperate Saint

Susan Tyner: “ A desperate woman can do several crazy stuff. Such as tricking your father-in-law to sleep with you to get pregnant. I am not sure if you’ve ever been that will desperate, but let me introduce you to someone who was. ”

Cultural Appropriation is Regular Christian Fare

I confess that many present-day vices plus virtues fail to impress me, largely because they strike me since watered-down (if not parasitic) versions of vices/virtues with more significant historical-moral roots and so are almost invariably getting touted in an obvious effort to secure the higher moral ground (read: ‘ advantage’ ) in some largely inconsequential power play. ” I think Aaron Denlinger may be on to some thing there.

Precisely why?

It is really an article (and a question) for those whose churches are just re-writing up again after COVID lockdowns.

How Does God Measure Success?

“ The particular crowd hooted plus whooped. Handclapping sounded like thunderous downpour. I walked throughout the stage and received my diploma through Dallas Theological College, and it felt amazing. Spiritual. Euphoric. Friends stopped by the Airbnb after the ceremony. We ate huge amounts of General Tso’s Chicken—and hugged deeply. Then, my family and am flew back home. ”

Flashback: Fathers (and Mothers), Do Not Provoke Your kids!

Both of these words are essential: discipline and training … This little pair of words and phrases covers both the good and the negative sides of learning plus growing, helping our kids go from folly to wisdom, from childishness to maturation, from self-centeredness in order to loving others, and, we trust, through sin to solution.

God’s people are never so exalted as if they are brought lower, never so enriched as when they are emptied, never therefore advanced as when they are set back by adversity, never so near the crown because when under the mix. —Theodore Cuyler