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How to Recognize Online Potential predators and Protect Yourself When They Slide Into Your DM’s

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Modern-day life with the internet has many benefits from convenience to connections. Yet like any tool, you can use it by people who decide to harm others.

Online potential predators search for teenagers who else they think they can manipulate and physically exploit. Often , these people create a false identification or pretend to become a teenager.

Some of these adults are sex traffickers, which is a person who illegally markets a person under 18 years old into industrial sex or otherwise makes, tricks, or coerces someone into industrial sex. Others practice “sextortion, ” coercing or pressuring a young person to send sexually explicit images and videos of themselves. Still, others manipulate young people to send them explicit photos and videos for no cause other than their own arousal.

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Intimate abuse occurs in various scenarios. It could occur when you meet an online “friend” in person initially or it could happen exclusively online whenever you’re sitting next to your parents for the couch.

All of this sounds scary and even dramatic, such as there’s no one you are able to trust. But it is possible to have fun online, getting together with friends and making new ones, whilst being aware and furnished with some tips to safeguard yourself online.

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Red flags

If you spend much time online, you probably know that already predators can make get in touch with almost anywhere on the web: video game platforms, remarks on YouTube, Reddit posts, social media, messaging applications, and more.

It’s not useful to completely avoid the web because something poor could happen. Instead, you may be aware of the text messages, comments, and demands you receive.

Online intimate exploitation usually occurs through grooming, that is a process perpetrators use to build a trusting relationship with a victim just before attempting sexual abuse. While these potential predators are generally clever, the majority of use similar tidying tactics. The good news is, this can help to identify a situation that may be sketchy.

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We spoke with Chief Marketing and advertising Officer Titania Michael jordan at Bark, that is a monitoring tool that sifts through messages and social media balances on your phone in order to alert your mom and dad or guardian if there’s something unsafe. She told us how you can understand the red flags to watch out for.


It feels good to get lots of likes on your Instagram photo. It’s fine to have your friends take serious notice and comment, actually flirt a bit. Yet be aware that flattery is used by perpetrators to help make you feel important and also to build trust. Examples could be anything through, “Have you ever been a model? ” in order to “Wow, you have this kind of pretty feet. ”

Flattery that is repeated and excessive from somebody you don’t know is something to be familiar with. If it makes you uncomfortable, then it’s okay to speak to an adult and block the user.


Offers to send cash in a video game, cash, electronic devices, or any other kind of gift is really a clear red flag.

“There’s actually no need for that, ” Titania Jordan mentioned. “That is not typical teen or tween behavior. That is coming from an adult who has other reasons to be doing so. ”

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Modeling job offer

If someone says you are “so beautiful” followed by an offer to make quick cash, your own red flag should go up. Modeling job provides are sometimes used by traffickers to lure teen girls, especially, in to a sexually exploitative snare. We stand by the old saying, “If it’s as well good to be correct, then it probably is definitely. ”

Asking for personal information

Requests for your private information may seem harmless, yet it’s best to keep it to yourself. Questions like: “Where do you live, ” “What school do you visit, ” “Are your parents home, ” “Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, ” are types of information online buddies don’ t need to know about you.

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Perpetrators control their victims by isolating all of them from people in their real lives. This doesn’t necessarily mean actual isolation, but it could be emotional. A predator may tell you to only talk to them about what you are thinking plus feeling. They will say they have a special relationship with you, that they understand more than your mothers and fathers.

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Chances are, at some point, you’ve felt like your parents don’t get you. Everyone has been there, and that’s why this line works. Flag this and have the difficult conversation with a reliable adult.

Secret conversations

If a conversation starts to lean toward something that feels like it needs to be a secret, that should be a red flag. Pause to get a moment and consider where the conversation is certainly going. Titania Jordan declared that it can be helpful to ask yourself if you would be okay with sharing that discussion with your mother and father, and if not, why?

“Is it because it’s inappropriate? Is it dangerous? Let’s think about exactly why. ”

Sending physically explicit material

A few predators will inquire sexually explicit questions as a way to desensitize their victim. They may send a pornographic image and ask if you know what it is.

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This is sexual misuse. Know that it’s not your fault if somebody sends you an specific image, video, or message. You may want to delete it so you do not get in trouble, require messages are proof of a potential crime. Speak to a parent or even adult who can assist.

Requests for sex-related photos

With the embrace popularity of sexting, chances are high you will be asked to take plus send a naked pic of your self at some point. There’s a positive change between consensual teen sexting and a grown-up posing as a teenager asking for photos they will sell, trade, or post online. In this post, we are talking about predators asking for nudes, but any request for naked pictures can hopefully make you stop and consider the circumstance.

Titania Jordan put the concern in perspective:

“If you are worried about someone preference you based on a photo that you may or might not send, chances are they are not the right individual for you. ”


A relationship will get scary really quick if you start getting threats. Perpetrators may threaten to forwards a nude photograph you previously delivered to them to your moms and dads or friends. They may say they will write-up it online and humiliate you unless you deliver more photos or even videos.

You do not need to conform. Immediately get help from an adult and together you can take the particular steps to remove the perpetrator from your life.

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The next steps

If something raises a red light for you, the number one issue you should do could be the most challenging: Speak with a trusted adult.

We all get it, it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing to talk about. Maybe you’re worried about how your parents will react or else you feel ashamed, like some part of the abuse is your fault. If you don’t remember anything else with this article, remember this: It is not your fault.

It is far from your fault even though you initiated the discussion with the adult on the web. If you are a minor, you are unable to legally consent to some relationship with an mature, so you are not at fault for where the discussion goes.

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The perpetrator wants their own abuse to be held a secret. They are relying on you to feel so bad which you won’t talk to the who can help. Do not give them the fulfillment. There’s support to suit your needs.

One of the ways you can help is to capture evidence. Work with the adult you confide in to report usernames, document timestamps, and take screenshots, particularly on systems where content disappears after being viewed. Together with your parent or even guardian, you can statement any abuse in order to law enforcement.

As we said right from the start, technology and online communication have a lot to offer, but it is still more than worthwhile to be careful.

“It’s never going to happen every day, it’s not going to happen to every single kid, but it might happen, ” Titania Jordan said. “It’s the same reason why we use a bicycle helmet when we ride a bike because you could fall and get hurt. It’s why we all lock our doorways at night, why we now have a fire alarm, plus a carbon monoxide detector. We play this safe, just in case. ”

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