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The particular Endearing Conceit of Young Men

I wonder if you have ever thought about the type of courage—but also the type of conceit—it takes for the young man to request a father for your hand of their daughter. De Witt Talmage once considered this particular in a discourse upon marriage and, honestly, his thoughts are hilarious. I trust you’ ll take pleasure in reading about the very “ sublimity associated with impudence” as he illustrates it here.

I actually charge you realize your responsibility in getting taken her from the custody and care and homestead in which she was as soon as sheltered. What courage you must have had and exactly what confidence in yourself to say with her, practically: “ We are to you more than your father and mother, and more compared to all the friends a person ever had or ever can have. Give up everything and take myself. I feel competent to find out you through lifestyle in safety. You are an immortal being, yet I am competent to protect you and make you content. However bright plus comfortable a home you have now, and though in one of the rooms is the chair in which you were connected, and in the garret is the cradle in which you were hushed and the trundle-bed in which a person slept, and in the particular sitting-room are the father and mother who have got wrinkle-faced and stoop-shouldered plus dim-eyesighted in caring for you, yet you will do better to come with me. ” I am astonished that any one of us ever had the sublimity of impudence in order to ask such a exchange from a home confident to a home conjectured and unbuilt.

You would think me a very bold and hazardous adventurer if I should go right down to one of the piers to the North River, and at a time when there was a great lack of ship captains, and I should, with no knowledge of routing, propose to take the steamer across in order to Glasgow or Havre, and say: “ All aboard! Haul in the planks plus swing out, ” and, passing out into the sea, plunge by means of darkness and storm. If I succeeded within getting charge of the ship, it would be one that would never be heard of again.

But that is the boldness of every man that proffers marriage. He admits that: “ I will get around you through the thunder or wind storms, the cyclones, the fogs of a life time. I will run clear of rocks and icebergs. I have no encounter and I have no seaport, but all on-board for the voyage of the lifetime! I acknowledge that there have been 10 thousand shipwrecks with this very route, but don’ t hesitate! Tut! Tut! Right now there now! Don’ to cry! Brides should never cry at the wedding. ”