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Weekend break A La Carte (May 1)

May Our god bless and keep a person as you worship your pet and serve him this weekend.

Today’ ersus Kindle deals are the usual batch of Saturday classics.

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Keeping the particular Faith

Christian Smith spent two decades studying the religious and religious lives of American adolescents and rising adults, then considered religious parenting. He provides a few fascinating observations in this article. “ So , what can committed, religious parents do to increase their chances of raising children who, as young adults, think and practice some version of their religion? The first answer is actually to be themselves : ­believe and practice their own religion ­genuinely and faithfully. ”

10 Facts from New Pew Data on Social Media Usage

Chris Martin looks at some of the information from the new Pew report on social networking usage.

The Sheikh’s Spells

“You know, ” I said to my friend, “someday one of us believers might need to problem The Sheikh, plus tell him that his most powerful spells can not affect a devoted believer who’s got the Holy Soul living inside of all of them. Now that would be a fascinating contest. And when their curse failed, however bet the whole city would know about it. ”

John Stott Will need Us to Stop, Study, and Struggle

I love reading about John Stott who seems to have been such an interesting individual. “ During my years as his study assistant, I finished research for several textbooks; ran errands; plus served as bodyguard, driver, and travelling companion, in addition to food preparation, cleaning, and waiting around on tables. Operating hand in hand with Frances Whitehead, his matchless secretary, John referred to us as ‘ the happy triumvirate. ‘”

Robert Jermain Jones – First Protestant Martyr in Korea

Simonetta Carr has written a good little summary of the first Protestant martyr in Korea. “ Today, when Christians from Korea visit Great Britain, they often make a point of visiting Hanover, south Wales, exactly where Robert Jermain Jones spent his childhood. Some even venture out to the small town of Rhayader, where he was born in 1839. That’s because Thomas remains remembered in Korea as the man who have died in order to bring in Bibles into the nation. ”

Health, Happiness plus Security

Paul Levy: “ Last week I was driving and heard a good advert for Life Insurance plan. It was so good We stopped the car and wrote it lower. ‘ What do you want for your children? ’ Health, Happiness and Safety. ’ Middle aged parents all over the country can relate with it and buy into it. ”

An Open Letter to the Christian Frontline Healthcare Worker

If you’ re a frontline medical worker, I think you’ ll be urged by Kathryn Butler’ s open notice that’ s intended for you.

Flashback: Are You Addicted To Your Phone? (Take a Quiz to get Out)

A little bit of self-analysis shows that the way I use our smartphone borders upon compulsion and may, actually fully qualify. Plus from what I’ve observed, I believe you may receive the exact same diagnosis.

… there was in no way any other way to get away death than for men to flee in order to Christ. —John Calvin