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five Things I Naturally Control as a Mature Leader

There are some things the older leader will naturally manage – whether intentional or unintentional.

Having planted two church buildings and two revitalization churches I am often asked about what points do I try to control and which do I release to others.

I love the question. It is one all market leaders need to ask themselves – frequently.

The leadership lid a person create will be in whatever area you decide to control.

I believe this strongly and it’ s why I actually often discipline me personally not to have an solution. I purposively choose to give things aside to others on our team – things they can’ t do better than me personally and things I just shouldn’ t end up being doing.

As much as I love delegation, however , there are several things a senior leader will naturally control.

5 things I naturally control being a senior leader:


Senior leadership need to make sure the vision of the organization is always in the minds of people. When they don’ t, nobody will embrace the particular vision. In fact , there will likely be competing visions within the organization.

Employees culture

Senior leadership plays the primary function in setting the staff culture. Activities such as staff morale, company structure, and the operating atmosphere are significantly embedded and created by the senior head – good or bad.

The organization’ s pursuit of excellence

People can never push for more excellence than the level expected, led, and lived by senior leadership.

The moral associated with the organization

The character and integrity of the corporation will reflect older leadership’ s character and integrity. Period.

The velocity of alter

Senior leadership pieces the speed in which alter and innovation will be welcome in the corporation. If they are slow in making decisions, the organization can run slowly. And vice-versa.

There are details, which by default senior leadership will naturally manage.

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