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RELP – Episode twenty two – Unseen Management Traits of Great Frontrunners

In this episode associated with The Ron Edmondson Leadership Podcast Ron and Chandler Vannoy talk about 7 Unsaid, Unseen Leadership Characteristics That Make Leaders Excellent .

There are parts of leadership you won’t read on a job description if they are telling you about the place you will function. There are traits of a leader which are hidden – often unknown. These traits need to be tested and you won’t know the traits is there until the test is complete, but these attributes are what show a leader to be a great leader.

I love to call it the “backside of leadership. ”

On this episode, we discuss unseen leadership qualities of great leaders.

We are hearing from many leaders who are enjoying these podcasting. We know they are basic. It is intended to be considered a quick listen to a conversation between dad and son – (and in this 1 – father and friend) who are both struggling to figure out leadership in our individual contexts.

As always, I hope this episode helps you be a better chief.

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