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Weekend A La Carte (April 24)

May the Lord bless and keep you as you serve and worship him this weekend.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Faithful Leaders)

5 Signifies of Harmful Megachurch Culture

Jeremy Howard points out 5 marks of numerous megachurches (though certainly not all! ) which can be very harmful.

Words: A concealed Weapon of Household Abuse

Darby Strickland: “ When we think about household abuse, we tend to think about acts of physical violence. We image women with bruises and black eye, or worse. While this is an all-too-common event, this assumption about domestic abuse leads to us to miss the fact that the primary weapon abusers use against their victims is not their fists however words. Does this particular surprise you? ”

Protecting Your Heart within the Pulpit

I always appreciate the method H. B. Charles Jr. writes about subjects like this one. “ Let’s face it. The pulpit is a dangerous place. It could fill the preacher with pride leading to his downfall. It can fill the particular preacher with discouragement that causes him to give up. It can fill the particular preacher with fear that prostitutes their divine message just for human approval. ”

The ongoing future of Social Media Is Personal

Philip Martin speculates there is a good future regarding social media, but that its future is far more private than its present (and recent past). “ Of course , not everyone cannot stand social media, but a lot more people do now than did a couple of years ago. Short of having any statistics that will its a reality, I believe it’s fair to state that overall belief toward social media reaches an all-time lower. In some ways this is astonishing and in others it really is totally logical. ”

The actual Old Testament Claims of Prosperity Affect God’s People Today?

Randy Alcorn: “ How can we all explain the apparent contradiction between the words and lifestyle of Jesus and the apostles, and the Old Testament prosperity passages? May God’s people today place claim to those Old Testament promises of prosperity? The solutions to these questions rest in the fundamental differences between the Old plus New Covenants. Be enough it to say the New Testament shows a fuller picture of the true, eternal wealth that is ours in Christ. ”

Bill Booth’s Steadfastness in Ministry despite Solid Opposition

“ In Bible verses and throughout Chapel History there are many types of committed Christians who also continued to consistently, bravely carry out their God-directed ministries in the face of stiff or occasionally even fierce resistance. Not a few such Christians continue to do this around the world today. Their examples show all of us how to respond properly to such challenging situations and inspire us to be similarly brave and faithful with the Lord’s help. ”

Flashback: The Two Kinds of Conversation You Need To Have Along with your Children

From the perspective of the inexperienced parent along with young children, this advice was both well-timed and valuable. It was counsel I’ve heeded and counsel that proved to me the requirement of mature, skilled Christian friends.

God’s sophistication didn’t get us going then leave us to get by on our works. Grace did not just justify all of us in the past, it maintains us in the present and will deliver us later on. —Randy Alcorn