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A La Carte (April 19)

Good morning! The Lord be with you today.

Pastors as well as other church leaders may be interested in an event through Faithlife where they wish to tell you about their new Faithlife Equip product.

Today’ s Kindle deals include commentaries by Stott and Fee.

(Yesterday on the weblog: A Prayer About Brokenness)

A Royal Funeral with a Information for Everyone

Murray Campbell offers some reflections with this weekend’ s regal funeral. “ We are divided by loss of life and united in death: Duke, accountant, teacher and boilermaker alike. Behind the particular awe inspiring grandeur of the yet simple royal funeral, probably ignored by many and yet extremely present, a phrase of hope has been offered. It is a fantastic hope and it is provided to those mourning in St George’s Chapel and to the 100s millions like Leslie and I who were viewing from our homes. ”

Precisely why Crucifixion?

You may have wondered this. “ Why crucifixion? We know how vile it was. We hear how revolting, dehumanizing, and despicable crucifixion was—so why do Jesus die by doing this? Would Jesus dying at the hands of a mugger been enough? The reason why couldn’t Jesus have died of old age with friends and family praying at the foot of his bed, instead of some friends leaving him as he’s stripped naked and nailed to a cross in front of his along with a few remaining buddies? ”

Skip the Movie, Look at the Book

I am often requested an opinion on The Chosen . I have not really watched it pertaining to reasons Chris Hutchison delineates in this article. “ If it takes a TV show to make us feel like we’ve really associated with Jesus, what does that will say about how, and exactly how often , we’ve been reading the Bible? Is God’s word, read in the energy of the Holy Nature, really enough for us? ”

Surviving the Attack in Xinjiang

This is a lengthy but very fascinating (and alarming) accounts of the crackdown in Xinjiang through the eye of one woman.

Stop Catastrophising

There’ s lots to consider here. “ We need to prepare to live lifestyle in the margins. Jesus doesn’t call us to get access to the halls and levers associated with power. He calls his church in order to serve when opposed, to pray when persecuted, to keep on sharing the good news from the kingdom come even when arrested, put on demo, imprisoned and persecuted. What would it look like to prepare to live like that? ”

Brokenness & Effectiveness

Andrew Kerr has quite a long reflection in the connection between brokenness and usefulness.

5 Queries about Deacons

Here is a brief Q& A from Matt Smethurst in regards to the task and calling of deacons.

Flashback: Exactly what Gave Him This kind of Confidence?

What gave Peter such confidence? What compelled him to operate toward instead of run away ? I can think of only one point: He knew Christ.

We can technique the throne associated with grace with confidence; can your children approach you with confidence, knowing are going to loved no matter what? —Sarah Mae