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Weekend A La Carte (April 17)

Good morning! Might God bless and keep you as you function him today and worship him the next day.

Today’ s Kindle offers are largely concerning the classics.

(Yesterday on the blog: Fierce Baby wolves Are Coming)

A Theology of Free Presentation

I actually consider Brad Littlejohn one of the most intriguing Alfredia intellectuals writing today and invariably benefit from his work. In this post at TGC he provides a theology of totally free speech. “ Because Christians, we must clearly affirm that freedom of speech can be a great good. However it is an instrumental good, a means to the end associated with proclaiming truth plus encouraging righteousness. It is not an end in itself, as though the mere independence to open our mouths were sacrosanct. ”

There Will Most Assuredly Come A Morning

This is a unfortunate but encouraging understand. “ Days after his death, we showed up to a church in town to mourn together and to celebrate a life too short but oh so meaningful. We used our avocado pins because they were Finn’s favorite food. All of us told stories plus gave hugs and worshiped God due to the fact that’s what you do if you have no other answers. You lift your compliment to the one who knows what it’s want to lose a son. And you put your hope in that Son’s resurrection. ”

Ministry, Private Limits, and Saying “No”

Ed Welch offers offered some helpful thoughts on ministry, personal limits, and a determination to say “ number ”

The Danger of Biblical Tribalism

Blake Long alerts about the damage we can do to the chapel through tribalism. “ I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, yet social media is a cesspool that reeks of tribalism within the Christian church. Though this issue isn’t exclusive to social media, we view the majority of it generally there. ”

How to Know You’ve Become a Pharisee

Randy Alcorn shares a helpful illustration to show if you have become a pharisee.

Is the World Getting Better or Even worse? Yes.

Colin Smith: “ According to Jesus, wicked will grow alongside the good until the return of Christ. We require this wisdom to comprehend the nature of this entire world and to sustain a long time of ministry. ”

An Open Letter to Those Suffering in the Hospital

Kathryn Retainer, MD, has created an encouraging open up letter to those who are suffering in the medical center.

Flashback: The Best Argument designed for Using a Printed Holy bible

So what’s the disagreement for continuing to utilize a printed Bible? This allows you to leave at the rear of a tangible connect to your faith.

Jesus was not just a prophet but the fulfillment of all prediction. —Kevin DeYoung