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The La Carte (April 15)

Grace and peace to you from Our god our Father and from the Lord Christ Christ.

Kevin DeYoung’ t new Men and Women in the Church can be on sale for a few times at Westminster Books.

There exists a substantial list of Kindle deals today.

(Yesterday on the blog: It is Far Too Easy To Purchase a Tiger)

The Present of True Words

A person won’ t look over an article better than this one today. “ She told me that the lady sat down 1 day in the chair that he had so often filled, and she began cleaning up drawers. She discovered things that were not essential or useful. Such as all desks, that one was filled with items that could easily be thrown in the garbage. But she furthermore discovered stories he previously printed for her, elements she had neglected about, like music lyrics and other small items that made the girl laugh or weep or smile in order to herself. And then, tucked unassumingly in the bottom part of a drawer, among lots of papers that will weren’t all that essential, she found some thing she never anticipated to uncover: an unread letter from the enjoy of her living. ”

How Should a Christian View the Authorities?

Paul Carter offers a few principles for just how Christians should view the government. “ The biblical view associated with government is of course a nuanced 1. It does not permit cynicism, disrespect, or disengagement. It does not commend window blind adherence nor can it condone violent opposition. It permits patriotism but forbids idolatry. It encourages volunteerism but not utopianism. This suggests gratitude, vigilance, and dissatisfaction. ”

How Should Christians Praise Through Difficult Seasons? (Video)

Ligon Duncan answers the question.

Why Don’ capital t You Wear a Head Covering?

Chip Thornton offers help in differentiating cultural norms through biblical principles (and what is descriptive from what is prescriptive).

A Grey Crown of Beauty

And speaking of cultural norms, here’ s an interesting insight from a fairly new Christian within a far-off country. “The gospel of Jesus Christ doesn’t try change us by merely threatening disapproval, like the religion I grew up with. Rather, we are forgiven through the sacrifice of Jesus, since he got our condemnation for us, and then we are liberated to obey because of factors like love and glory. ”

Our Our god Doesn’t Want Us To Make Ourselves Ill To Please Him, Does He?

And speaking of the religion that man grew up along with, here’ s another important distinction between it and the Christian belief. “ One of the sadder realities behind the particular Muslim worldview (from the perspective of this Christian, at any rate) is the total insufficient grace. Allah, as far as one can tell, runs a points program whereby one’s negative and positive deeds are considered up and, in the long run, determine whether one can get into paradise. ”

If Justification Is Once-for-All, Why Do I Need to Keep Repenting?

This can be a common (and extremely sensible) question.

Flashback: A Prayer Guide designed for Pastors

I’ve prepared the prayer guide just for pastors that suggests some ways a pastor can hope that he would display these traits.

Jesus came because presently there is something broken within us that can only become, will only be fixed by his individual, presence, and redeeming work. —Paul David Tripp