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God’s Story Never Finishes With Ashes

Kristen Welch and am are sorta, somewhat, soul sisters? As I serve within the board of company directors of the ministry Kristen founded, Mercy Home Global, and we day-to-day serve together to dream up for you the very best #FAIRTRADE beauty of The Grace Crafted Home and The Grace Case that totally supports the Kenyan maternity homes of Mercy House — so I get to see it first hand again and again, what we should can all perform together to change the planet for women, if we state our brave yes. Upon Sunday, Jan twenty-four, 2021, one of the three maternity houses in Kenya burnt down early within the afternoon where nine girls and 9 babies live, together with staff. We are SO PLEASED to God pertaining to His protection. Nobody was harmed and all moms, babies and staff were able to get out. It’s a miracle even as we learn the details. Please join us and pray for serenity and provision on this tragedy. Everything continues to be destroyed … and I am all in here with Kristen, with Mercy House Worldwide, p rent consider joining all of us as we ask Our god to bring beauty just for ashes…

visitor post by Kristen Welch

T he Transition House is on fire.

The message appeared on our phone and I stopped. No . No . No . I silently screamed. I typed frantically back and forth with Maureen, our Director in Kenya, who was in route to the burning home.

I only acquired one question, “Did everyone get out?! Would be the babies and toddlers, teen moms, staff—are they okay? Please just show me everyone is okay, ” I begged.

I kept my breath.

My telephone rang and the precious Kenyan family members appeared on the screen proving they were secure, untouched by the flames and smoke.

Maureen held the telephone up and we cried together and watched the beautiful home burn down.

It may sound callous, but at Whim House Global, we are used to catastrophes.

We now have entered our eleventh year of rescuing pregnant teen young ladies in Kenya through trafficking and other traumatic situations and we haven’t had one year without some kind of devastation.

We know the particular enemy does not attack where he is winning. He attacks where he is losing.

I actually hung up the mobile phone and felt numb most of the day. I actually checked in with Maureen a few times and she told me they were still right now there, standing near the ashes collectively, praising God.

It’s the positioning we’ve learned to take in a catastrophe since there’s always some thing to be thankful for. We will always thank God pertaining to extending His hand of mercy and sparing lives.

We opened my Scriptures to Isaiah 61 and read this several times, in a variety of variations, plus clung to the hope of redemption plus restoration that it promises.

I jotted down some verses from the chapter to share along with Maureen the next early morning. “Proclaim good news towards the poor; he will create beauty from ashes; give us joy instead of mourning; just how God will restore the devastated places. ”

When I woke up early the next morning, the pictures that appeared on my phone took my breath away.

It was afternoon in Kenya and the staff had gone returning to the house to see if anything was salvageable in the rubble. The smoldering ashes plus ugliness left in the fire’s path was shocking.

I cried. Everything have been destroyed.

Almost everything. The last picture on the phone had this particular caption, “The only wall structure that did not burn off. What a coincidence. ”

My hand started shaking. I felt chills all over. I could not type the words associated with Isaiah 61 out fast enough in order to Maureen. I told her that hours following the fire that Our god had directed me to the same words and phrases on the unscathed images on the wall.

We both began crying. What kind of The almighty is this who would speak so clearly to us, thousands of kilometers separating Mercy Home Global and Rehema Rescue Center?

God brought us to our knees, on this face, with a very clear message:

I will redeem exactly what has been lost. I will take the ashes, the destruction, the loss, and am will make it gorgeous. Until then, it really is well with our soul.

The only real wall that failed to burn

I don’t know what kind of dumpster fire you’re facing in your own life right now, but I believe the message The almighty has given Whim House Global is the same for everyone who is within the fire. I am with you. I will make all things new. Keep me. If you have Me personally, you have everything you need.

19 teen moms, their children, and our housemothers lost all their personal possessions. This house was also the holding place for Reasonable Trade product just before it was shipped towards the USA—so the loss will be extensive.

We want to invite you to be a part of this holy recovery story we are very close to completely funding the purchase of a new home in Kenya.

“Of one thing I am perfectly certain, God’s story certainly not ends with ashes. ” – Elisabeth Elliot


We have been joining together to remind the world — that each woman matters.


Please consider joining Mercy House Global even as we ask God to create beauty for ashes.



The Lord is doing work in the ashes… make sure you don’ t skip this life-changing video… a true miracle


On Jan. 24, one of Mercy Home Global’ s three maternity homes within Kenya burned lower early in the mid-day where 9 young ladies and 9 children live, along with personnel. You are invited you to be a part of this holy recovery story.


We are SO GRATEFUL to God with regard to His protection. No one was harmed and all moms, infants and staff were able to get out. It’s a genuine miracle.


Please sign up for us and hope for peace plus provision in this tragedy. Everything has been destroyed …


Mercy House is launching fundraisers in phases to assist begin the recuperation process. They understand that this won’t stop wasting time or easy… but think God is in the particular ashes and so and that’s just exactly where they want to be.


Mercy House is present to engage, empower plus disciple women around the globe in Jesus’ title. They provide for the save of pregnant young ladies in Kenya and supply a home for them.


Rescue a Girl. Empower Children. Redeem A Generation.


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Because every woman matters…