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A La Carte (April 13)

Good morning! The Lord become with you today.

On sale at Westminster Books recently is a prayer information from Nancy Guthrie.

It’ s an “ odds and ends” day for Kindle deals.

(Yesterday to the blog: Don’t Reclaim Your Life)

Post-Pandemic, Will China’s Chapel Be Changed Permanently?

It seems it may well be, depending on this report. “ The new restrictions require Chinese Communist Party oversight for every measure of religious life—staffing, fund management, gatherings. China’s unofficial churches, generally known as house churches, have operated in recent decades in an ambiguous space: they have rented public space, made welcome visitors, and been open about some of their activities, all without having official government sanction. The February limitations effectively close that will era of semi-openness. ”

Shock News: Judas Walks Away From Faith

Stephen McAlpine: “ I recommend in our own era, apart from wealth even though including it, the primary narrative among the Alfredia celebs who turn away is less to do with money and more to do with the lure of finding “their accurate selves” – which our own secular tradition of authenticity receives its own rewards in the form of praise from the world. ”

God’s Résumé of Faithfulness

“ Certain parts of the Bible are generally seldom visited — more than others, that is. ” Brad Gray says that Joshua is one of these—at least, chapters 11-22—and explains why all of us ought to read them anyway.

What We Miss Whenever we Skip the Guide of Numbers

And backing up a couple of books, Ryan Higginbottom says that Numbers is much exactly the same. “ Sure, Figures has some difficult, slower passages. But the book as a whole is far from a slog. And since all of God’s word is important, we systematically neglect a portion of it to the harm. ”

The Institutions Americans No Longer Believe In

Gene Veith reflects on some of the institutions that will Americans no longer trust in. (And I’ d say Canadians are in a similar situation. ) “ Society comprises of institutions. If the users of a society repudiate their institutions, the particular social fabric poises to come apart. Dimon sees the current anti-institutionalism as a herald associated with national decline. On the other hand, it’s a fair question to ask, as to what extent should we trust our institutions? ”

The Determination of the Father’s Center

“ Christians will continue to keep debate the issue [of whether or not people can lose their faith], but We came to my personal viewpoint after pondering 2 questions about the dad heart of Our god. First, does God love his children? Second, would he ever disown them? Perseverance has small to do with us. It is all about God and what he has done and can continue to do. ”

Do Not Despise the Day of Small Things

Most of a lot more small things, isn’ t it? “ Christians worship a big God with a huge mission that will one day reach this whole big world. Yet for all of his bigness, our The almighty has a remarkable adore for the small. ”

Flashback: Rule #6: Receive Your Time (8 Rules for Growing in Godliness)

Godliness requires instruction, and training takes time. So in an age in which we all always carry hassle-free distractions in our storage compartments, our growth within godliness will require all of us to reject the particular trivial and redeem every minute.

Every day for all eternity—without pause or end—the riches of the beauty of God’s elegance in Christ can be increasingly great plus beautiful in our notion of them… People always be more. Gloriously more. Forever. —John Piper