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Five Ways to Make an Aging Congregation Young

It is one of the top three requests for help we get at Church Answers: “Our church regular membership continues to get older. What do we do? ”

The members plus leadership see the handwriting on the wall. 1 church leader with whom I spoke just two days back summarized their challenge. Ten years ago the particular church’s median regarding church members had been 42. Today it really is 74. One-half of the church members are 74 years old and older.

Most of the younger members left for a variety of reasons. They have not been replaced with similar age members. The congregation is getting older rapidly. The leader with whom I spoke said his church would not be able to sustain itself financially inside three or four years.

Is there a solution to this challenge? Based upon some great insights from cathedral leaders, I do certainly see how God is definitely working to move your aging church forward. Here are the five most common responses we have obtained at Church Solutions:

1 . Don’t default to hiring someone to make the cathedral younger. Some aging churches have the economic ability to add staff. And some of those churches think the solution is usually hiring a family ressortchef (umgangssprachlich), a youth minister, a children’s minister, or some combination of the three. It in no way works. It is a very clear indicator the laity have given up working on the project of ministry and also have resorted to “hired hands. ” It’s ineffective. Even more, it is unbiblical.

2 . Look to the advantages and the gifts of the older congregants. One pastor with who I spoke stated he gathered collectively about 25 of the older adults in the church. He asked a simple question: What abilities and gifts do you have to connect with youthful people? He had been amazed at the results and the energy in the room. That one meeting grew to become a launching stage for many efforts simply by these older grown ups to reach beyond the particular walls of the cathedral.

3. Find places where old adults can connect naturally with younger people. One senior adult became involved in an ESL (English being a Second Language) ministry. Another older grownup became a mathematics tutor. One mature adult in the church owned three local fast-food restaurants. He became highly intentional about connecting using the teenagers and young adults he hired.

4. Pray intended for opportunities to reach more youthful people and family members. Another pastor contributed his church’s initial success at getting younger. They simply prayed for in order to connect with younger people. As they prayed, the particular opportunities came. Because they prayed their eyes opened to those possibilities.

5. Obtain outside eyes for making your church aware of opportunities. One of the elements I value most in church discussion is the fresh set of eyes it offers. Occasionally, a new perspective could be paradigmatic in shifting the church towards reaching more young adults. Let us know if we can assist by contacting us at [email protected] com .

Hear me obviously. An older church is not an inferior church. Older Christians have a lot to offer in both knowledge and experience. In case a church’s account ages rapidly, the particular congregation is indeed in danger of losing its effectiveness, and potentially viewing its doors near.

Can an old congregation become youthful? Absolutely.

Plus it’s an incredible tale of God’s elegance and power when we see it take place.

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