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Tips on how to Stay in the Present Moment in Everyday Life: 5 Simple Habits

“Do not really dwell in the past, never dream of the future, focus the mind on the present moment. ”


There is only one period and place where you can become and have any control of.

The current moment.

But most of us nevertheless spend a lot of our normal days lost within memories, reliving a sunny vacation or more commonly repeating a vintage conflict or negative situation over and over in our thoughts.

Or we get lost in scenarios about what could happen in the future. Probably through wishful daydreams.

Or maybe by building monsters in our minds because thoughts go round and and round and create scary and dangerous mountains out of molehills or just air flow.

Or even your thoughts may become divided and unfocused in between several different things and tasks.

If you spend a lot of the everyday moments plus time in the future or the past or you have a problem focusing and you feel this may have a adverse effect on your life then maybe you want to learn to reside more in the present instant.

Here is what works for me to do this. Just a few simple stuff that I use in my regular day.

1 . Single-task not only your work.

We and many others have usually written and discussed the importance of single-tasking your projects to get it completed more effectively.

I have found that it gets easier for me to remain present for more period throughout my day if I single-task every thing as best I can.

That means not to use tabs when I browse the internet yet to just be completely engaged with something online at a time. It means to not use the smartphone or our computer as I furthermore try to watch the TV.

Or to use any of those people internet-devices during a discussion.

Get a good start to your day and set the tone for this by doing one thing in a time  as soon as you awaken.

If you have to multitask, then attempt to set off some particular time for it during your time. Maybe an hour roughly in the afternoon.

second . Do it slowly.

Once you wake up and beginning doing your first thing of the day, then slow this down a bit.

Do it and the next few items at a relaxed and calm pace. It can probably not take that much longer than should you choose it quickly.

And you’ll be able to stay present more easily, to focus on every thing you do and also to find a simple joy or stillness within it.

Accomplish that instead of increasing your stress right away and getting trapped in worries or though loops as to what may happen today before you decide to even have had your breakfast.

And as you undertake your day, try to do it slowly when you can.

3 or more. Tell yourself: i am…

As I make a move I simply tell personally this in my thoughts: Now I am By.

For example , if I am brushing my teeth, then I tell myself: Now I am brushing my teeth.

This habit is certainly maybe most important whenever doing things where it is easy to drift aside to the future or even past. It could be whenever you brush your hair or even teeth or when you are taking a walk to the supermarket.

I don’t tell me personally this line continuously, but I spice up it in a few times throughout the day.

4. Minimize  what you let into your head  early in the day.

Basically check the email, Facebook and other  sites online early in the day however have found that I will have more thoughts jumping around in my mind.

And so it becomes a lot harder to concentrate on something, to stay present and to not be dragged away into some undesirable thought loop.

So the type option towards myself has become to not check anything early in the day. And to check things since few times as I can.

If I minimize might be found then my day becomes lighter plus simpler and I not just stay present more easily but I also tend to get more things of importance done.

5. Simply no, no, no + reconnect with the right here and now.

The 4 tips above ensure it is easier to stay in the present moment and to use it and enjoy it fully.

But each day I still drift into the previous or the future. Or even my thoughts become split between different things.

For those who have read any of the stuff on self-esteem then you know that I often use a stop-word or phrase to quickly disrupt and stop the inner critic or a damaging train of thought. I actually do the same thing here.

As quickly as I actually notice that my ideas have drifted aside I say to personally: No, no, number

Then I quickly follow that will up with focusing on simply my breathing or simply on what is happening close to me right now with all my senses to get a minute or 2 to draw me personally back into this present moment.