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10 Biblical Characters plus Their Leadership Tension

Throughout my amount of time in vocational ministry I’ ve encountered people who shy away from conditions such as leadership when talking about the particular church. Christ is the leader of the church and we are simply maids under His command. Whilst I agree with their own assessment of Christ’ s ultimate management, I see all kinds of examples of biblical characters with their own leadership tension.

I see leadership throughout the Holy bible – through individuals. God’s greatest servants were leaders – with significant examples of management challenges I face everyday.

And, as I look at their story, I actually learn great Biblical principles – and also leadership examples.

10 biblical characters and their own leadership tension:

Brian – Have you fought a giant? Do you ever feel like unqualified?

Esther – What’ s the hardest thing you’ ve had to do? You sensed it was your decision to do it, yet the outcome was unpredictable and scary?

Joseph – Have you ever prepared for a possibly bleak future? Perhaps you have been accused of something you didn’t do? Also, have you had to reconcile the broken relationship?

Paul – Has a changing lifestyle ever impacted your leadership? Did a person ever have issues getting the established frontrunners to trust a person?

Gideon – Do you ever feel you are not prepared to satisfy what you know you have to do? Did you property in a position and – honestly – you are not sure why?

Rahab – Has your “ history” been the deterrent in some people’ s minds – thinking you shouldn’ t be in the position God has provided you?

Moses – May be the weight of your obligation ever overwhelming? Is someone else getting to complete the work – and enjoy the benefits – associated with something you started?

Abraham – Have you directed a team into an unknown? Do household situations often distract you from what you feel you must do? Also, do you ever have to wait?

Noah – Does the job in front of you seem not possible? Ever feel no one understands what you’ ve been called to do?

Deborah – Have you ever landed in a position a person weren’ t necessarily trained to do?

Look over checklist. Which of these are the majority of representative of your current leadership tension. Finally, discover matters these Biblical commanders did wrong or even did right within handling their challenge.

Probably some of the best leadership tips is closer than you think.

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