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A La Carte (March 26)

Good morning! The God of love and peace be along with you today.

There are a couple of Amazon kindle deals on the checklist for now. I’ ll look for more in the morning.

There exists a pretty clear style through the different links I bookmarked the other day and included these days. It shouldn’ t be hard to spot it…

The Good Name of our own Neighbor

Richard Holdeman cautions against speaking rashly of others. “ Many other believers in the cathedral can be very careless with regard to our good name and reputation. This really is especially tempting in times in which an individual offers sinned or is usually thought to have sinned. ”

Avoid the Hot Takes

Susan Olasky cautions towards speaking hastily regarding current events. “ Christians especially must be slow to speak. People are complicated. Details that focus only on external factors of race, sex, ethnicity, or lawful requirements may miss the motivations that will animate individual humans. The Bible shows that ‘ from the heart come wicked thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, fraud, false witness, slander. ‘”

When You Are Tempted To Think You Are At Battle With Fellow Christian believers

Wyatt Graham cautions against thinking you are with war with many other Christians. “ Social networking, online communication, as well as the speed of the news tempt us in order to vilify each other with regard to clout, sales, or whatever else. Often , nevertheless , the real war may be the war in heart—it deceives and tempts us. ”

Most Discernment Ministries Fail to Adhere to this Rule (Video)

Todd Friel cautions against discarding an important guideline (as many discernment ministries do).

April Fool

Andrée Seu Peterson warnings against improper utilization of humor. “ Miss this column when you have never made a tale you regret. Within my house that would be just the cat, although my husband is more admirable compared to most in this regard. Neither let me diminish his virtue by saying that his sense of humor does not admit of censurable excess. ”

Living in Tranquility

Keith Kauffman cautions against disharmony. “ An unbelieving world is definitely watching in in the church. It has many times seen division and disunity over minimal issues. Let us request that God grant His church to reside in harmony with each other as we love and serve one another, each for His glory and so that the watching world can hear the sweet songs of Christians home together in oneness. ”

Reflections on the Christlike leadership of David Stott

Finally, Rico Tice offers no cautions, but does commend the humility associated with John Stott. I believe you’ ll enjoy the anecdotes that illustrate it.

Flashback: How to Hope All Day

Let no obstacle hinder you from coming to God. Even though God is in heaven, he will hear your own cries from the depths.

Divine providence is never annoyed by Satan in its plan for this world—for the everlasting good associated with God’s people within the all-satisfying praise of the glory of his grace. —John Piper