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Six Reasons Senior Pastors Should Lead a Mentoring Group

The Christianity Today article quoted leadership guru Peter Drucker as saying the particular four hardest jobs in America are, within no particular order…

  • President of the United States
  • College President
  • TOP DOG of a Hospital
  • Senior Pastor

The article’s disclaimer questions whether or not Drucker actually mentioned this, but depending on my conversations along with pastors, this idea isn’t far off. Senior Pastors feel the stress of navigating their various roles plus responsibilities … communicator, team leader, counselor, hospital chaplain, plan director.

So , there’s no way a Older Pastor would business lead a mentoring group, right? To answer this question, We consulted my friend Ronnie Cordrey, the Men’s Ministry Leader on Southeast Christian Chapel in Louisville, KY. Ronnie was a key component in launching Radical Coaching from Southeast Christian, and he’s co-mentored 2 groups with their Senior Pastor, Kyle Idelman.

I requested Ronnie why he thinks it’s essential for Senior Pastors to mentor, and he shared the following six reasons…

1 ) It keeps the Senior Pastor linked to the outer rim of the church. The longer a Senior Pastor is at a church, the more he is naturally pulled to the center of the organization. But if the only voices the pastor hears are those of parents and senior-level management, it’s easy to lose relevance with the people the church is trying to reach.

2 . It protects the particular Senior Pastor from 100% crisis management. The part of a Senior Pastor can be consumed with crisis management . praying for plus dealing with people in whose houses are on fireplace (i. e., relationship problems, addictions, etc . ), which creates sporadic, “one-and-done discipling. ”

3. This models “leading from the front. ” When a Mature Pastor intentionally engages with a Radical Coaching group, it eliminates the excuse from every potential mentor in their church. No longer, “I’m too occupied to invest in a mentoring group for a season. ”

4. It makes the Senior Pastor easier to follow. Any Senior Pastor who engages in intentional disciple-making is easy to follow because he’s within the trenches … it provides him handlebars to get saying and living out 1 Corinthians 11: 1, “ Adhere to my example, as I follow the example of Christ. ”

5. A Senior Pastor’s sermons will improve. A Senior Pastor’s sermons will end up better because he’ll see the struggles of those in his church, close up and personal. A super reputed Senior Pastor who else finished co-leading their first Radical Coaching group concluded, “I’ve been preaching the wrong sermons. ”

6. It will eventually increase the quality of the Senior Pastor’s ministry. Connecting your pet to men he is able to be real with will help remove your pet from the extreme remoteness and loneliness this particular role can unintentionally produce. And in doing this, it will increase the quality and effectiveness of his life plus ministry.

Ronnie also added, “ Radical Coaching is not the only solution to any of the above, but it is a powerful tool to assist a Senior Pastor (and church parents for that matter) engage in intentional disciple-making. Kyle and I are expanding as much as the men we’re discipling, which is part of the brilliance of the Radical Mentoring design … it creates mutual transformation. I can confidently say that a Senior Pastor whom says yes to mentoring will be glad he did. ”

And so you know it’s not unique to Kyle or Southeast, here is what three other Senior Pastors who said “yes” to mentoring reported about their experience:

“The day my group shared our stories was one the best days of my life – watching men demonstrate authenticity, and vulnerability, crying as they shared their real stories. Following the fourth guy shared, I went back and shared more from my story! It is a new day for me and for my ministry. ” –Chad, The particular Church at LifePark

“As a Lead Pastor, I can declare: there is no single resource that has breathed life into our church and my soul more than Significant Mentoring. ” –Brian, Crosspointe Church

“Radical Mentoring has kept me in contact with my members and grown me personally to more than a pastor yet a friend and mentor to many of the guys of our church. ” –Hale, Park Method United Methodist Cathedral

If you’re the Senior Pastor, are you going to consider leading an organization? If you’re a pastor in another role or even a lay head, will you consider inviting your Senior Pastor to co-mentor a group with you?

We’d love to help you explore how you and your church can launch a little group mentoring ministry. We’ve laid the whole process out for you at radicalmentoring. com . And the best part, our entire reference library , including our coaching and guidance, is available to you for free. Learn more here.

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