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A La Carte (March 25)

Grace and peace to you from Our god our Father and from the Lord Christ Christ.

With all the interest in Michael jordan Peterson and what appears to be a growing interest in Jesus, I commend Myth and Meaning in Michael jordan Peterson , a unique book that looks at his thought through a Christian lens.

(Yesterday on the blog: Precisely why Do We Amplify Our Trouble? )

Sometimes the Best Description Is ‘Forgive Me’

“ Sin infects our syntax. It corrodes our word option. We let it — even wield this. When will we learn? ” That’ s the question Tanner asks in this article.

An Autopsy of The YRR Movement

Paul Leake offers some important insights on this “ autopsy” of the Young, Restless, Reformed movement. “ Consider all of the discernment weblogs which came out of the YRR movement. I would argue that part of the issue with fundamentalism is an incapability to leave the particular growth of one more believer in the fingers of the Lord. And I believe this type of fundamentalism attached itself towards the YRR brand. If you wanted to be part of the particular speaking circuit, have your books advertised, your articles connected, etc . then you had to toe the line. ”

What Really Happened Throughout the Texas Power Grid Outage? (Video)

I was interested in this explanation associated with what went wrong in Texas (and how close it had been to getting so much worse).

Morning Glory’s Designer Label clothing

“ Reading through secular scientific journals and magazines, I have yet to see a writer ‘Ascribe to the Lord the particular glory due to his name’ (Psalm twenty nine: 2). Instead, whenever researchers report their studies of creatures, plants, Earth plus starry skies, they implicitly give the fame to ‘evolution’. ” Here’ s the issue with that…

Humility Precedes Him

This is another solid bit of writing from Kristin.

Aim All You Have in Heaven

Marshall Segal: “ If we do not learn how to lay up treasures in heaven, we will inevitably settle for the particular treasures of planet — and overlook something far more long lasting and satisfying. ”

Richard Bewes and Equipped to Serve

I’ mirielle grateful that John Levy wrote away this little tribute to Richard Bewes.

Flashback: On Coming Home

Just as much as I desire to be here, I ultimately wish to be there. As satisfied as I am to become here, I know I can never be completely satisfied until I am there.

The particular gospel is about much more than how we obtain saved and visit heaven. The gospel is about the work associated with Christ saturating every factor of our lives. —Voddie Baucham