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7 “Old-Fashioned” Church Growth Ideas to Consider These days

As I think back across 40 years of full-time ministry, I’m reminded of some older ways we did cathedral then that could nevertheless work today. These types of ideas from years ago, in fact , make me wonder how we might utilize them today:

1 . “Friend Day” – I understand that’s a strange thought in COVID days, but I trust we will move past these days at some point. Regardless (and for now, assuming we can provide proper space), there’s value within challenging believers for making intentional efforts in order to invite their friends to church.

2 . 24 Hr Prayer Wall – In my day, cathedral members signed up in the “prayer wall, ” came to the cathedral, and prayed within 15 or 30-minute segments—though some old folks still prayed at home. Today, we can use electronic means to make this same commitment to prayer.

3. Annual Scriptures Study – Every January, we used three consecutive evenings to teach through a book of the Bible. I am convinced believers still want to know the Word, and they’ll attend as long as we provide the strongest teachers. Weak instructors, though, will eliminate such a study.

4. Prayer Chain – We achieved it via telephone after that, but it worked in this way: someone in need of prayer called the prayer series, and the leader called the next prayer soldier on the list… who then called the following person, and so on. These days, we can easily enlist members and groups who stand ready to pray as soon as these people learn of a require (most likely, by an electronic means).

5. Care Group Shepherding – Every small group got “care group leaders” who were responsible for shepherding an assigned listing of members of the small group. If, for instance , a small group associate missed a collecting, the care team leader would follow up that week to check on him or her. This kind of follow-up and ministry remains in order.

6. Weekly Small Group Leaders Training – Every week, we fulfilled together to hope, to discuss the next week’s study, to follow up about guests, to complete training, and to motivate each other. In fact , we all enlisted small team leaders with this expectation in mind. Even if we do it via Focus these days, building a team of small group leaders will make a difference.

7. Weekly Contact Groups In this procedure, a group of members fulfilled at the church each week to contact other users and guests. Several made phone calls, some wrote notes, a few made personal visits, and some covered the whole process in prayer. How we do this would likely be different today, yet intentional, ongoing contacts will pay dividends.

What are your thoughts? What other “old-fashioned” ideas may you implement nowadays?

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