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A La Carte (March 22)

Good morning! May god bless you these days and in the week to come.

My family has completed our 14-day in-home quarantine after coming back from our trip to check out Abby. We’ re hoping the rules change before she returns from school in May or even we’ ll need to do it all again!

(Yesterday on the blog: Thy Way Is Best)

Do You Have Enough Faith to Be Kind?

“ Christ rebuked those who had ‘ little faith’ (Matt. 8: 26), rewarded those who had ‘ great faith’ (Matt. 15: 28), and taught that the lack of faith could hinder ministry (Matt. 17: 19-20). The thing is not that we quantify our faith; the thing is when we do so selectively. We tend to talk about faith as the source of the miraculous, rather than every day obedience. ”

Nonna and Poppa Christians for an Immigrant Age group

Stephen McAlpine reflects with an older generation (and after that on a younger). “ This generation fascinates me. That risk they took some sixty years ago in order to defer their own convenience has finally paid off. But what a danger it was! They were under no illusions because they sailed south to a Mediterranean climate that will mimicked theirs, yet which was grounded within stolid British values of meat plus three veg. These people sacrificed their own better life for the much better life of their kids and grandchildren. ”

I’m an Evangelist. We Must Think (and Feel) Our Way Out of the Mess.

Esther O’ Reilly: “ Coming up on a month ago, We read a piece that will bugged me. Had I been holding myself to a more rigorous writing timetable at the time, I would have got banged out a response piece quickly. Yet perhaps it’s equally well that I didn’t, mainly because experience has trained me one rarely does one’s greatest work on impulse, especially with sensitive queries such as those raised in this piece. ”

Exactly where Do We Pull The Line With Christians Who Adhere To Critical Theory? (Video)

Todd Friel answers a question about where to draw the queue with other Christians when they adhere to CRT.

Are the Best Actually Blessed?

Liesl Counterman writes about gospel work in Salt Lake Town. “ When our family moved to Salt River City in 2012 to help plant Gospel Elegance Church, we uncovered a culture associated with extreme contradictions. The particular ‘ Happy Valley’ between the mountain ranges may have a popularity for family, religion, as well as the blessed life, but underneath the surface, many people are anything but happy. ”

Pressing On By means of Changing Seasons

Amber Thiessen: “ As we think about the last couple of months, we all notice who we have been becoming through the mayhem and the calm of life. Where all of us look for sources of truth will determine exactly where we land up. If we use the emotions as a guideline, we will end up stressed out, or unfulfilled. If we turn to popular opinion, we will become furious and unsatisfied. Should you be like me, you’ve discovered for yourself in both of those places at one time or another via this journey. ”

Live Feed from Iceland Volcano

I’ m certain you’ ve heard of the volcano within Iceland that recently erupted. Here is a live video of it just in case you’ d like to see it’ ersus haunting beauty.

Flashback: 8 Ways God Turns Temptations to Blessings

Just like a tree which is blown by the wind is settled and rooted deeper to the ground, the arriving of a temptation basically settles the Alfredia deeper into work grace. Here are 8 ways God brings good from temptation.

It is particular, that he who doesn’t love Christ doesn’t love heaven; and who doesn’t adore heaven will never notice heaven. —Theodore Cuyler