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The La Carte (March 18)

Good morning! Grace plus peace be together with you today.

Today’ s Kindle deals, like most some other Thursdays, include a selection from Crossway.

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6 Queries about the Fear of God

Jordan Reeves: “ I want you to rejoice in this strange paradox that the gospel both frees us from fear and gives us fear. It frees us from our crippling fears, giving us instead a most delightful, happy, and wonderful fear. And am want to clear up that off-putting phrase ‘ the fear of Lord, ’ to show with the Bible that regarding Christians it really really does not mean being scared of God. ”

What makes You Breathing? It’ s Not regarding You

“ If matters are going to end for us, as they did designed for my father, then it is obvious that it’s not all about us. We are not the gravitational center of the universe. We’re in umlaufbahn around something else, close to someone else. And I believe that this someone is usually God. ”

Evolution Can not Account for Our Inborn Longing for Happiness

Randy Alcorn points out that the universal human longing for joy cannot be accounted for by evolution.

Is This Why Birds Sing?

“ Singing chickens are one of the joys associated with nature. Their vivid ‘ songs’ brighten our days. All of us marvel at exactly how such ‘ music’ can emerge out there small creatures. Scientists tell us birds sing to ‘ mark’ their territories and also to attract a companion for nesting. Or, in migrating, they may issue ‘ contact calls, ’ chirps to help them remain in touch with each other. They are ‘ scientific mechanics’ which explain the particular function of chickens singing. But , we wonder: Is there a lot more? Are there other ‘ reasons’ birds sing? Are there dimensions above the ‘ scientific’? ”

How Theological Labels Are Helpful and Unhelpful

David Qaoud: “ Everybody has theological convictions. And when we would like to express those convictions, we often do so simply by labeling ourselves. By ‘ labeling’ After all when you associate with a particular doctrine in self-referential terms. This is when a person say, ‘ I’m Reformed. I’m a credobaptist. I’m a complementarian. ’ This is labeling yourself. Is it helpful? Yes and no. ”

Tremendous grief Is An Exhausting Journey

Paul Tautges describes suffering as an exhausting trip and offers three “ stabilizing truths. ” “ In the area, we have anchored our own faith to three stabilizing truths drawn from three servings of Scripture. I hope these principles can be applied to your own trip through the valley associated with grief, whatever the situations, whether expected or unexpected. ”

Photographer Spends 12 Years, 1250 Hours, Exposing Photo of Milky Method

What a long and stunning labor! “ Finnish astrophotographer J-P Metsavainio has released the Milky Way photograph that took your pet nearly 12 many years to create. The 1 . 7-gigapixel image has a cumulative exposure moments of 1, 250 hrs. ”

Flashback: Look! Turn to Your Baptism!

… baptism is a means through which a church reports, “We believe this particular person professes the true gospel, so is a genuine Christian. ” In baptism they encouraged him or her into the noticeable church.

Relationship and family can simply become just a respectable form of selfishness. Whenever we marry mainly to satisfy our own needs, after that our marriages is going to be just that: good-looking masks for selfishness. —Christopher Lung burning ash