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A La Carte (March 17)

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today!

For sale this week at Westminster Books is a good new book on cash and finances that will addresses a host of common issues and questions.

Woman Genital Cutting: Knowing A Cultural Practice

This is actually the beginning of a promising series of TGC The african continent. “ Over three articles, we hope to inform and instruct Christ’s Church about a practice that harms women and women throughout Africa. This exercise is Female Vaginal Cutting (FGC). Within this first article, all of us walk through exactly how, where, and precisely why FGC is utilized. In the second content, we consider just how churches can respond to FGC within their nearby communities. Finally, Kalkidan has written an open letter to partners whose wives have experienced FGC. ”

Where He Fulfilled Me

This is a sweet special event of God’ h kindness.

Embracing the Butterfly Effect

Andrew Roycroft provides shared the first associated with three articles influenced by the “ butterfly effect” of great effects stemming from small causes. “ I want to borrow this last term as a way associated with thinking through why large scale activity and grand actions are often not how God does their most vital work, and why we should embrace the incredible potential of doing small things well, with a hope that extends beyond our existing horizon. ”

Watch Ligonier Ministries 2021 Nationwide Conference Live

It is good to see conferences finally beginning to gear up again. Beginning tomorrow you can watch all of the main sessions from the 2021 National Conference reside online.

Your Body Will Be Entire

“ Christianity, then, doesn’t promise that our souls will float within heaven, wrenched using their corporeal vessels. Instead, when we pine for Christ’s return, all of us anticipate a complete revival: a softening of the heart, a sanctification of the mind, and even a renewal of the bodies that in their present form so easily wither plus break. And all so we might know The almighty and enjoy him forever, for his fame. ”

More Than Influencers

Reagan Flower: “ Part of myself, of course , is disappointed by the popularity of social media pseudo-faith market leaders leading people astray. But I believe it comes with an opportunity here that individuals may be missing. It is remarkable how few solid believers you will find filling the gaping void for biblically-grounded influencers. ”

How Should Christians Disagree along with Others? (Video)

There are some great tips and tips here.

Flashback: The Character from the Christian: Mature and Humble

Christian leaders—and most of Christians—are to strive to become more like Christ—they are to grow in spiritual maturity. As they grow in maturation, they will necessarily grow in humility.

While it may seem simple and modest to question God’s forgiveness, it is actually prideful plus arrogant to will not believe what Lord declares to be genuine about you. Repentance means affirming what God says regarding you. —Heath Lambert