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seven Of My Biggest Frustrations as a Head

Someone once questioned me what our “ biggest frustrations” as a leader. When i thought about it, I possess lots. That may point out another area of struggle for me personally – and a character drawback – I’ mirielle seldom satisfied with myself or where we have been as a team. In many ways, We are still learning “ the secret of being content”. Basically, I like constant improvement and think there is usually room to get better in all areas of our life. I believe it is true in leadership too.

So , when i often do in these types of cases, I opened an Evernote file, titled it “ Biggest Frustrations being a Leader” and began to record some of my actual frustrations within the next few weeks. Usually I was putting all of them on the list in “ real time” as they actually happened.

Some of these are mine from observing people straight and some are from the stories my readers share with me each day. When I reached seven, based on my obvious love of the amount seven, I figured it was time to discuss my them with you.

Listed here are 7 of my biggest frustrations as being a leader:


It bothers to dispute about or focus on things which actually, in the large system of things, basically don’ t matter. Such things as personal preferences or different ways of accomplishing the same agreed upon eyesight only takes time from getting real work done. I can almost always find problems of bigger significance.


We get frustrated men and women have to have things “ their way”. It destroys any hope of the healthy team men and women are only thinking of their particular personal wishes. (Doesn’ t sound quite Biblical to me either. )


The way you talk to somebody always determines how they respond. To me, there is no location for disrespect within an organization or on a team or in a relationship, for that matter. This should be especially true in churches. And it applies to how we respond to the world on social media also.

Even if we don’ capital t agree with one another, we can address one another within kindness. (Remember, amazing advantages is a fruit from the spirit. )


It limits the organization through achieving all it might achieve when somebody can’ t think beyond the way it’ s always been completed. There are issues – Biblical, foundational, value-driven problems – where narrow-mindedness is a positive. But in the mode associated with operation of the method we get details done, or how we accomplish our God-given vision, I think modify is not only good – it’ s crucial for continued development.


Equally frustrating is men and women are unwilling to embrace change – simply because they are being persistent. This wasn’ t their own idea, or this threatens their strength, or they just don’ t want to be uncomfortable – so that they lock their hands and refuse to take part. When a person ignores what’ s great for the good of everyone, and it’ s not really a Biblical issue, their own stubbornness only hurts the organization (and frustrates the leader. )


When somebody has been injured they have a choice. They can choose to hold a grudge or they can choose to reduce. Holding a grudge keeps the injury alive. Forgiving starts the door for recovery. (Doesn’ t seem like much of a choice in my experience. )


It is frustrating to see people who seemingly have zero regard for other people. Several leaders make choices without the consideration more. They say things without having thinking how they hurt. They use their impact to disrupt an organization’ s progress – rather than improve it. And they derail progress with a disregard for what’ ersus best in favor of what’ s personal to them. It’ s irritating.

There is certainly my list. Frankly, I feel better simply sharing it along with you. I can right now get on with my time towards more positive factors. But if I held the Evernote document open, I might discover some more, so I’ ll close it for now.

What are your greatest frustrations in leadership?

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