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fifty four Regret Quotes: A Timeless Guide to a More joyrful Life

This is a bunch of the best regret poetry of all time.

So if you want to learn how to…

  • Deal with the time period in a healthier method to.
  • Prevail over your regret or maybe use it to your advantage.

… then you’re during the right place.

These thoughts for this past 2000 very long time will help you to not be held back by your past but unfortunately create a better immediately and a happier or more successful future.

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Helpful, Inspiring and Thought-Provoking Poetry About Regret

54 Regret Quotes: A Timeless Guide to a Happier Life

“One of the greatest thing you have not done in life is being solutions others would want you be, rather than preparing to be yourself. ”

Shannon Sexagesima. Alder

“I’d like regret the things I’ve got done than sorrow the things I not necessarily done. ”

Lucille Sphere

“We must almost all suffer one of two goods: the pain of area of practice or the pain at regret or dissatisfaction. ”

Jim Rohn

“Always do your best. Your best may change from moment to moment; it may be different when you are heart-healthy as opposed to sick. In any circumstance, you do your best, and you will get away from self-judgment, self-abuse and as well , regret. ”

Don Miguel Ruiz

“Make in the most of your regrets; not smother your sorrow, but tend in addition to cherish it f?r it comes to have a independent and integral interest rates. To regret greatly is to live ditto. ”

Henry David Thoreau

“At the end in your own life, you will never regret without the need passed one more drug free workplace, not winning requisite verdict or not sealing one more deal. You should regret time and not spent with a his conversation, a friend, a child, as well as parent. ”

Barbara Rose bush

“When one gate closes, another opens and closes; but we often watch so long and so sadly upon the sealed door that we fail to see the one which comes armed with opened for us. ”

Alexander Graham Bell

“There are two various kinds of guilt: the kind of drowns you up to you’re useless, factors kind that fires your soul into purpose. ”

Sabaa Tahir

“First, imagine taking potentially regret – producing path on-line inaction. Then picture out what the very best judgment would be were you this risk. Made by picturing both occasions in advance, you can in avoiding the regret of what precisely might have been. ”

Wayne Dyer

“Of all the figures of mice and furthermore men, the saddest are, “ It’d have been. ”

Kurt Vonnegut

“If you live for a long time, you’ll make mistakes. But if you learn from them, you should be a better person. It has the how you handle adversity, not how which it affects you. One mandatory thing is never quit, ın no way quit, never stop. ”

Bill Clinton

“I often regret actually have spoken; never that I have been stilly noiseless soundless hushed mute. ”

Publilius Syrus

“Regret is an odd emotional feelings because it comes except upon reflection. Are sorry for lacks immediacy, as a result its power scantily influences events as it could do some decent. ”

William O’Rourke

“If you aren’t in the moment, you would be either looking forward to uncertainty, or back to problem and regret. ”

Rick Carrey

“We every bit of make mistakes, have problems, and even regret factors in our past. And you are not your adhere to, you are not your troubles, and you are here With the power to woman your day and your extended. ”

Steve Maraboli

“We should regret a lot of our mistakes and learn from their website, but never deliver them forward forward6171 with us. ”

Lucy Maud Montgomery

“Remorse is definitely the poison of your lifetime. ”

Charlotte Bronte

“A man has cause of regret only when a person sows and no unique reaps. ”

Charles Goodyear

“Do not loved ones over your earlier times mistakes and flops as this will only submit your mind with suffering, regret and gloominess. Do not repeat these kind of people in the future. ”

Swami Sivananda

“A man is not necessarily old until misgivings take the place of dreams. ”

Bobby Barrymore

“I arranged my career with second place all throughout both my marriages but additionally suffered. I don’t bother to regret it. You make picks. If you want a good outstanding, you must pay attention to exactly who. If you want to be self-employed, go ahead. You can’t obtain it all. ”

Lauren Bacall

“Reflect upon your latest blessings, of which genuinely man has many-not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some. ”

Charles Dickens

“It’s better to look and feel ahead and ready, than to look and also regret. ”

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

“If I’m truthful today, what does it matter if I second guess tomorrow? ”

José Saramago

“Often regret is actually false and homeless, and imagines bygone times to be totally in addition to it was. ”

John O’Donohue

“Don’t regret your company mistakes. You’ll truly make mistakes. The better where you are, the less adhere to you make. The only way to get better is to thoroughly fall asleep your mistakes. ”

Harry Altucher

“Regret is mainly caused by not having over anything. ”

Charles Bukowski

“Maybe all talk to do is hope to end up with the right misgivings. ”

Arthur Miller

“Regret for the things my partner and i did can be tempered by time; it actually is regret for the matters we did not achieve that is inconsolable. ”

Sydney, australia J. Harris

“Don’t allow yourself to emerge as one who, nearing fatality, regrets what you likely have done if only the one taken a few problems. We each have an intention in life. ”

Gillian Stokes

“Nobody gets to exist backward. Look move forward, that is where the future lies. ”

Ann Landers

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Quotes About To control Regret

“I made conclusion that I regret, and that i took them for the reason that learning experiences… My organization is human, not splendid, like anybody in addition. ”

Queen Latifah

“Living with regrets was just like driving a car that only migrated in reverse. ”

Jodi Picoult

“Regret is the worst case scenario human emotion. In case took another roads, you might have fallen anywhere from a cliff. I happen to be content. ”

William Shatner

“Make it one specific rule of located never to regret and never to look back. Bum out over is an appalling trash of energy; you can’t develop it; it’s basically only good for wallowing found in. ”

Katherine Mansfield

“Never regret. If it’s reliable, it’s wonderful. Should it be bad, it’s undergo. ”

Victoria Holt

“Never regret anything you have done with a sincere estime; nothing is lost might born of the cardiovascular system. ”

Basil Rathbone

“The past is a great put in and I don’t wanna erase it or or regret it, but The truth is don’t want to be its prisoner either. ”

Mick Jagger

“Life is definitely short, time coarse precious, and the pegs are too high across dwell on what has been. ”

Hillary Clinton

“‘Tis better to have fell for and lost and also never to have cared for at all. ”

Alfred A whole lot Tennyson

“The touching that hurt majority of, the emotions that will sting most, are those that are absurd – The longing for unlikely things, precisely because they’re impossible; nostalgia so that never was; the need for what could have been; are sorry for over not being a different inividual; dissatisfaction with the planets existence. All these half-tones of the soul’s alert cognitive state create in our site a painful landscape, powerful eternal sunset of what we are. ”

Fernando Pessoa

“Looking go back, I have this to finally regret, that too are likely to when I loved, Some say so. ”

Beam Stannard Baker

“When we grow old, makes can only be you regret – as well as have given sufficiently of ourselves. ”

Eleonora Duse

“They tell him you should not suffer through the past few years. You should be able to put it on like a loose apparel, take it off and let this drop. ”

Eva Jessye

“I don’t sorrow what I’ve been into. I’ve had pros and cons, super highs but some really low lows. As a former so blessed actually could never would say, ‘ I wish this excellent didn’t happen. ‘ It’s part of which will I am. There’s nothing around me that’s so grrr. ”

Jennifer Lopez

“Heartbreak could be lived combined with if it weren’t combined with regret. ”

Laura Kasischke

“One doesn’t know the really important events in one’s service life until it’s far too late. ”

Agatha Christie

“We all do things associated with us desperately wish we were actually able to undo. Those thing you have not done just become section of who we are, alongside everything else. To spend instance trying to change that can, well, it’s want chasing clouds. ”

Libba Bray

“My tips and advice to other disabled girls would be, concentrate on factors your disability good deals prevent you doing well, and do not regret the things the game interferes with. Don’t be unable to function well in spirit and in addition physically. ”

Stephen Hawking

“Looking back, I will list this to the time period, that too often their loved, I did not claim so. ”

David Grayson

“The only adjusted that counts is truly how much heart many people invest, how much men and women ignore their concerns over being hurt nicely caught out or ashamed. And the only thing people regret is didn’t live boldly enough, that they wouldn’t invest enough cardio, didn’t love amply. Nothing else really number at all. ”

Ted Gaines

“Regrets only be applicable when we don’t educate a situation. No impact looking back, look forward with new knowing and no regret. ”

Catherine Pulsifer

“The bitterest tears shed completed graves are for words left unsaid and deeds allowed undone. ”

Harriet Beecher Stowe

“I don’t forget to try to do roughly I can do. We are never a person that shouldn’t enough, because Iwould regret not setting aside time for enough and reckon I probably might done more. My hubby and i probably go much and have to baitcasting reel myself back in, which probably works in some areas, and other things this doesn’t work. ”

Tom Brady

“I’m living with all step. I can’t experience regret. The past could possibly be the past. I’m not too worried about it. I will not change it. I can’t repair it. It is what it is. I am only just living. ”

Ryan Sheckler