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Our planet Is Passing Away

The Apostle tells us that “ the present form of our planet is passing away. ” Horatius Bonar as soon as reflected on this and wrote a beautiful little bit of writing that displays just what that means and how we should live appropriately.

The world is passing away — like a dream from the night. We lay down to rest; we all fall asleep; we fantasy; we awake at morn — plus lo, all is certainly fled, which in our dream seemed therefore stable and so pleasant! So hastens the world away. O kid of mortality, maybe you have no brighter world beyond?

The world is passing away — like the mist of the morning. The night brings down the mists upon the hills — the vapor addresses the valleys; the sun rises, all offers passed away — slope and valley are clear. So the globe passes away, and is observed no more. O man, will you embrace a global like this? Will you lay down upon a air, and say: This is my home?

The world can be passing away — just like a shadow . There is nothing more a fantasy than a shadow. It offers no substance, simply no being. It is dark, it is a figure, they have motion, that is all of the! Such is the world. O man will you chase a shadow? What will a shadow do for you?

The world is dying — like a wave from the sea. It increases, falls, and is noticed no more. Such may be the history of a wave. Such is the tale of the world. U man will you make a wave your portion? Have you no better pillow on which in order to lay your wearied head than this particular? A poor world this particular for human heart to enjoy, for an immortal spirit to be filled with!

The world is passing away — just like a rainbow . The sun throws the colors on a cloud, and for a few minutes most of is brilliant. However the cloud shifts, as well as the brilliance is all eliminated. Such is the entire world.

Using its beauty plus brightness;

using its honors plus pleasures;

with all its mirth and madness;

using its pomp plus luxury;

with all its revelry and riot;

with all its hopes plus flatteries;

using its love plus laughter;

with all its songs plus splendor;

with all its gems plus gold — it vanishes away!

And the cloud that knew the rainbow knows it no more. O guy, is a passing planet like this, all that you might have for an inheritance?

The world can be passing away — like a flower . Beautiful, very stunning; fragrant, very fragrant, are the summer bouquets. But they wither away. So fades the entire world from before the eyes. While we are looking at it, and admiring it — behold, it is long gone! No trace is certainly left of all the loveliness but just a little dust! O man, can you feed on blossoms? Can you dote upon that which is however for an hour? You were created for eternity — and only that which is everlasting can be your portion or even your resting place. The things that perish with the using only mock your longings. They cannot fill up you — and also if they filled, they cannot abide. Mortality is usually written on everything here — growing old belongs only to the planet to come — to that new heavens plus new earth in which dwells righteousness.

The world is certainly passing away — like a ship at sea. With all its sails arranged, and a fresh breeze blowing, the boat comes into sight, passes before our attention in the distance, after which disappears. So arrives, so goes, so vanishes away this present world, using that it contains. A few hours within sight, after that gone! The wide sea o’ emergeny room which it sailed, is as calm or as stormy as before; no trace anywhere of all the life or motion or beauty which was passing over it! O man, is that vanishing world your only dwelling-place? Are all your treasures, your hopes, your joys laid up there? Where may all these be when you go down to the burial place? Or where considering when these things leave you, and you are stripped of all the inheritance which you are ever to have to get eternity? It is a poor heritage at the greatest, and its short period makes it poorer nevertheless. Oh, choose the much better part, which will not be taken from a person!

The world is passing away — like a tent in the desert. Those who have traveled within the Arabian sands understand what this means. At sun a little speck of white seems to increase out of the barren waste. It is a traveler’ s i9000 tent. At sunrise it disappears. Each it and its inhabitant are gone. The wilderness is as lonely as before. Such could be the world. Today this shows itself — tomorrow it goes away. O man, that the stay and your home? Will you say from it, “ This is the rest! ” It has an everlasting rest, outstanding for the people associated with God.