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525 Organizations and 104 Survivors Sign Notice Urging Canada Congress to Investigate Mindgeek, Pornhub’s Parent Company

Disclaimer: Combat the New Drug is a non-religious and non-legislative awareness and training organization. Some of the problems discussed in the following article are legislatively-affiliated. Though our organization will be non-legislative, we fully support the regulation of already unlawful forms of pornography and sexual exploitation, and support the fight against sex trafficking.

Fight the New Medication, a non-legislative plus non-religious organization which has educated on the harmful effects of porn since 2009, has joined up with a collective of 104 survivors of sexual exploitation plus 525 NGOs through 65 countries have got sent a notice to a Canadian Parliamentary Committee praising the particular committee’s actions so far, and urging a “full criminal investigation” into MindGeek, intended for appearing to have violated Canada’s child security laws and laws regarding the sharing associated with intimate images without having consent.

MindGeek, owner associated with Pornhub and more compared to 100 other porn material websites, has apparently monetized child intimate abuse images published to and down loaded from their websites, along with videos of rape, sex trafficking, as well as other forms of image-based abuse. MindGeek executives had been called to testify as part of an ongoing analysis into Pornhub simply by Canada’s Standing Committee on Access to Details, Privacy and Ethics.

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Based on the tales from Mindgeek TOP DOG Feras Antoon plus COO David Tassillo, the porn firm appears to have violated Canada’s child defense laws requiring reporting child sexual mistreatment material (CSAM) towards the police. Since the Mindgeek executives testified that their particular human moderators see every piece of articles uploaded to their site, the letter proves that Mindgeek knowingly distributed CSAM and nonconsensual content. Because of the alleged failures to prevent the spread of illegal content, the letter states that will Mindgeek “cannot be trusted to self-regulate. ”

In the last few months, various major credit card companies have got ceased processing Pornhub transactions after credit reporting illegal content on the website and five brand new lawsuits have been filed against the company for survivors of child abuse, sex trafficking, and non-consensual picture uploads.

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One survivor, whose sex assault was filmed and uploaded in order to MindGeek sites, informed the Ethics Panel, “[I] feel like Pornhub has become my human trafficker, and they have been relentless in doing so. ”

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One more witness spoke of the lasting harm triggered to her after a non-consensually recorded video of her sexual abuse was uploaded in order to Pornhub. “Nothing can ever be able to undo what has been done… Thanks to Pornhub, today is day one, 292 that I are actually naked on these types of porn sites, ” she testified Feb 19.

On Feb 22, the National Center for Lacking and Exploited Kids, The Canadian Center for Child Protection and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police most of testified that they just began receiving reviews of child sex-related abuse images from Pornhub in late 2020, which appears to be a clear violation of Canadian law. Daniel Bernhard from Friends of the CBC noted, MindGeek executives “should be in handcuffs not Hansard. ”

“ Everything less than full legal accountability is an injustice to victims whose lives have been broken as a result of MindGeek’s understanding and willful activities, ” global signatories to the letter condition.

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Only period will tell, yet we are grateful towards the survivors, advocates, plus organizations who have provided visibility to these problems for years and made an immeasurable influence in the lives of those who have had their own lives torn aside by the adult industry’s largest player.

Hearing details and transcripts associated with evidence can be found right here.

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