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That will Your High School Pupil Be On The Other Side of College?

This week the blog can be sponsored by Boyce College and they are inviting you to join them for their Virtual Preview Day on 03 26th.

Who will your high school student end up being on the other side of college? That is a question every innovative parent ponders because they consider post-secondary academic options. You will learn more about answering that question by participating in Boyce College Virtual Preview Day on Fri, March 26 beginning at 4pm (ET).

Your own student is going to invest hundreds of hours and you are going to invest 1000s of dollars achieving life and educational goals. Your return-on-investment is much more than the usual calculation of how a lot money your student will need to earn on graduation to offset a considerable outlay of your time, treasure, and skill. An even more crucial concern is what kind of worldview will your student have once the diploma is in hand plus they cross the stage to meet the world head-on?

Boyce College, the undergraduate school of The Southern Baptist Theological College, is designed with the end in mind.

Boyce offers Christ-centered degrees that work within the real world. Our teachers designs each course– across all academic disciplines– upon biblical truth. Combined with gospel-centered student life encounters, our Bible-based curriculum produces graduates prepared to serve God via impactful ministry and marketplace careers. They may be trained to reflect Christ in their work, dignity Christ in their house, and glorify Christ through their local church.

You are invited towards the Boyce College Digital Preview Day upon Friday, March 26th. The preview begins at 4pm (ET) with a live Ask Anything with Dr . Albert Mohler, President of Boyce College and The The southern part of Baptist Theological College. Throughout the rest of the preview, prospective students and their parents may explore campus through a virtual tour, talk to Boyce faculty users about specific diploma programs, and get the feel for what it takes to experience Boyce pupil life centered around the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Boyce College Digital Preview Schedule

  • 4pm Ask Anything Live with Dr . R. Albert Mohler Jr.
  • 5pm Reside Virtual Tour
  • 6pm Digital Information Fair
  • 6: 30pm sDegree Program Focus Calls

Register today for the Boyce College Virtual Preview Day at boycecollege. com/preview.