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The Leadership Pet Peeve – People Doing the Work

I must confess I have a good number of family pet peeves in leadership. If I had to title my top leadership dog peeve – it would need to be the one I share with you here.

Like many of my leadership concepts, this one starts with a private story.

Early in my career, I actually led a small sales division for a company. My boss told me who also to place on my team, how to perform sales meetings (even writing out my meeting agenda), and what each person’ h assignment would be on the team. Understand, he lived in another state, so this individual wasn’ t at the conferences. In fact , he didn’ capital t know the people on our team.

I was held accountable for results in sales, yet he offered me a script for how you can do my job.

It only lasted a season (I eventually quit), but it has been one of the most hated seasons associated with my career. In justness, I was young and most likely not trusted, but I sensed so controlled. My group was frustrated. My team and I had ideas we couldn’ t even incorporate. And, when I could, I secretly altered things plus scripted my own way.

Even as a young innovator, I thought he was training poor leadership.

The pet peeve that will developed from this experience:

If you aren’ t doing the work, don’ to script how the work is completed.

As a chief, cast vision of what you need accomplished.

  • Fuel creativity by giving individuals reasonable boundaries.
  • Share thoughts and tips.
  • Monitor action.
  • Check-in to see how you can help.
  • Set accountability for improvement.

But let people working on the project:

  • Those working the programs
  • Getting their own hands dirty
  • Being held responsible

Determine how the work will get completed.

That’ s my number one leadership pet peeve.

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