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12 Years of Milestones Since Battle the New Drug Started in 2009

Combat the New Drug is officially 12 years old!

Consider how, if our organization was a person, there is a high likelihood that it would have used porn by now seeing as the typical age of a child’ ersus first porn exposure will be between nine and 11 years old. Chilling, right?

What started more than a decade ago, as a group of school friends with a shared passion to positively impact the entire world, has grown into a global motion. We are so proud to state that millions of people are now recognizing pornography for what it is and rejecting its influence in their lives. We are the organization we are today because of those who have fought against for this cause and supported our mission to raise attention on the harmful effects of porno using only science, facts, and private accounts. We’ re continually growing, and it is because of the Fighters that our resources happen to be able to educate and increase awareness on this issue across the globe.

So let’ s take a walk down memory space lane and look back at a few milestones that helped define this movement regarding love.

Brain Heart World

March 3, 2009: FTND officially launches

Our founders were friends in college with a powerful dream—change the world for the better. As they grew in companionship, it became clear which they were all passionate about changing the conversation around a specific topic: pornography. Check out our origin story:

And so marked the start of something big. While the origins associated with Fight the New Drug day even further back, we formally became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in March of 2009. This movement only grew to become more powerful from there as more and more people became educated, shared their particular stories, and helped all of us change the conversation around porno.

May yr: Fighter Pledge created

One of the first assets we ever created was your Fighter Pledge, as a way to help our supporters feel connected to this larger movement pertaining to love and instill in them important values of this company.

Regardless of age, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, religious association, political persuasions, or any other diversifying factor—porn can impact anyone. Because of this, we welcome everyone seeking information on the harmful effects of pornography to become a Jet fighter . Signing the Pledge is one of those 1st steps to becoming a Fighter and joining the movement.

The Fighter Pledge

As Fighters, we all strive to be strong, open-minded, accepting, loving, bold, edgy, real, understanding, and stimulating.

We updated this original resource in 2020 so that more people can know what it truly means to be a Fighter, and so that will Fight the New Drug can certainly still strive to be a loving movement that educates on the dangerous effects of porn.

January 2011: Initial live presentation given

We’ re big believers in face-to-face dialogues about the harmful effects of porn. Nothing is impactful quite like a solid, thoughtful conversation with a friend or family member about something that’ t so personal and often regarded as taboo.

All of us realized we could spark countless conversations in person by showing up and sharing the decades of established research about how exactly porn harms the consumer, human relationships, and our world in general with schools and communities.

Since we began giving presentations in 2011, we’ ve reached over eight hundred, 000 people worldwide in live presentations.

Pre and post study results have shown us how students are impacted by our presentations that take away the pity and stigma of porn’ s harms, and attracts back the curtain upon its tangible and tested harmful effects. We’ ve seen countless lives impacted by our message of like and hope, and can not wait to see how many a lot more people we can reach with this particular information.

Live Presentations

January 2012: Fight the newest Drug’ s blog is usually launched

That educational and awareness movement grew, we knew we needed to make sharable, written resources that were also helpful for people wanting to learn more about the particular harmful effects of porn. This is how the idea of a Fight the New Drug blog was born.

From starting with simply a handful of articles in 2012, now this resource has over 1, 300 articles. We include everything from sex trafficking, sex health, porn addiction, correct stories from couples plus individuals around the world, and so, so much more. Check out our blog today plus use the search bar to look through hundreds of different issues.

February 2013: Initial “ Porn Kills Love” tee released

As a nonprofit organization, our programs and resources are supported by donations and funds we receive from people just like you, one way is through our online merch store. We’ re able to keep on growing and reach a lot more people with the facts on porn’ s harms because thousands of people have believed in the cause enough to rep the particular movement and join the combat.

The expression that defined this motion was born in 2013, correct when things were really starting to take off for us. Right now, this signature red Porn Kills Love tee is repped by over 35, 000 Fighters in 146 countries.

May 2015: Terry Crews becomes a Jet fighter and reps the movement

As we obtained influence on social media and started changing the broader conversation about porn, people started to take notice.

On our growing blog, we all posted an article titled 7 Hollywood Stars Which Don’t Watch Porn . We listed a few well-known movie stars who have publicly spoken away about porn and its dangerous effects, and applauded them for using their platform to talk about such an important but controversial issue. Number one on the checklist was actor Terry Crews.

He got notice, and became a Fighter, joining the #PornKillsLove movement for his supporters to see. How cool is that?


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Support for our people over at @FightTheNewDrug! #PornKillsLove

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By having people like Terry be bold enough to take a stand on this issue, we have seen more and more conversations being started, and perceptions about porn starting to alter.

September 2015: Fighter Club introduced to the movement

Because our support base increased, so did our have to create more interactive, interesting, educational, and awareness-raising sources. This is where Fighter Club is available in.

We decided to make a community of Practitioners within our global community, and call it, “ Fighter Club. ” The Fighter Club is made up of dedicated people who partner with FTND every month through a normal contribution amount of their selecting from a few bucks in order to $100 a month.

And you might be asking, what’s the point of someone contributing? We are so glad you questioned! Every dollar counts when it comes to our worldwide initiative to educate and raise awareness in modern society on the scientifically proven dangerous effects of pornography.

In fact , we designed this system so that every dollar given through Fighter Club goes straight into funding our Training and Mobilization programs—helping us to educate countless individuals at the harmful effects of porn by means of our Presentation Program, make engaging content to bring understanding to this issue, fulfill our own mobilization initiatives and increase awareness online, and so much more to actively fight for love! (You can read about our programs, and more, simply by clicking here. )

Fighter Club

September 2016: TruthAboutPorn. org formally launches

Considering that we started over a decade ago, the body of research demonstrating the harmful associated with porn has grown significantly. Due to the fact we exist to raise recognition on the harmful effects of porno using only science, facts, and private accounts, it only produced sense for our resources to include a living and active database that highlights and causes this data easy to access.

And thus, TruthAboutPorn. org was launched.

We all created Truth About Porn for all of the students looking out studies for their study papers, and those who want to view the raw facts without the added commentary of a blog content. If you’ re straight into facts, and are interested in viewing the research for yourself, we produced this resource with you in mind.

November 2017: Translated sites released into four new languages

This organization and this movement were founded in the U. S., and we’ re still headquartered right here today. But even though i was born in the States, our local community of Fighters has grown to achieve communities around the world and returning in the last 12 years. As of today, our website and resources have been visited by individuals in every country on Earth (except one), and there are towns of people from every country who are repping the motion.

In 2017, to accommodate this growing Jet fighter community, we introduced translated versions of key resources on our website in 4 additional languages: Portuguese, French, Spanish, and German. Just click here to check out our translated assets. We hope to continue adding additional languages as this movement continues to grow.

November 2018: Brain, Heart, World three-part docuseries released

Until this point, we had created resources including conversation-starting apparel, thought-provoking movie campaigns, social images and infographics to spark discussions on social media, and hundreds associated with blog posts to help educate the lots of people visiting every year. We also have given thousands of interactive plus age-appropriate school presentations.

But as the reach continued to grow, it had been time to debut one of the biggest resources we’ve ever created. Brain, Heart, World is free-to-view three-part documentary series that visually showcases decades of research and countless personal stories in an interactive and engaging way, and we just launched it in Nov 2018!

We wanted to create a source that could scale far above any live presentation event to be able to educate youth. This isn’t always possible or even cost-effective for us to visit any one community or school, yet this way, the impactful info still reaches youth and anyone who is interested in learning about porn’s proven harms. Again, anyone can watch it free of charge! Thousands already have.

Together, the experts and individuals in Brain, Heart, World, truly demonstrate porn’s impacts on individuals, relationships, and society—or the brain, the heart, and the world. Just click here to learn more.

This summer 2019: Fight the New Drug’ s own “ Consider Before Consuming” podcast launches

We believe that everyone should have a chance to make an educated decision regarding pornography, which is why we created the Consider Before Consuming podcast.

Think about all of the things you consider every day to help keep yourself, all your family members, and your community happy, healthy, and hopeful.

Now consider this: There is an ever-growing body of research demonstrating significant negative impacts, for yourself and the ones you love, in the consumption of porn material. It can change the way you believe, harm your ability to connect with other people, and can contribute to modifying the world in negative ways.

Join all of us every other week as we consider the harmful effects of pornography making use of science, facts, and personal accounts. But , we’re not just welcoming you to consider the potential unfavorable consequences of pornography, but also the benefits to a life without any porn and its influence. Will you consider before you consume?

Podcast - Wood Figures - Light

November 2019: Fight the New Drug’ t Facebook page hits 5 million likes

As a tangible measurement of our growing movement, we hit five million page prefers on our Facebook page within November 2019. Momentum just for FTND is growing by the 30 days, and we were starting to see a shift in the culture’s mindset about porn as the research further reached communities around the world.

November 2020: Over 100k people subscribed to Fight the New Drug’ s YouTube channel

There are 31 mil Y ouTube channels in the world, and only 160, 000 of those have more compared to 100k subscribers. That places Fight the New Drug in the top 1% of all channels.

This is a huge milestone in our efforts to educate individuals around the world on the harms associated with pornography. With over 100K subscribers, Fight the New Medication will have a larger reach and much more credibility for people looking to learn more about the impacts of porn material on individuals, relationships, and the world.

What goes on next?

From this article you can see, we’ve come an incredibly good way since our humble but passionate beginnings. With over five million Fighters globally, we’re proud of the influence we’ve collectively made in the final decade. But we ultimately couldn’t achieve any of these breakthrough without you.

So as we celebrate this month, we dedicate the fight to you, our supporters. Thank you for staying with us plus choosing real love alongside us. Thank you for fighting just for love, and thank you for revealing our resources so this local community can grow, and continue to keep change our world.

To say we look forward to seeing what we can do together for a long time to come is an understatement—we understand we’re just getting started, and we can’t wait to see where this movement will go within the next 12 years.

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