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seven Tensions Every Leader Face – Everyday

Being a leader isn’ t easy. With every decision a leader makes someone is certainly happy – and someone is not. One often confusing reason leadership is difficult is the tension every head feels when making decisions. In fact , every leader faces some common stress – everyday.

Leaning to balance the tensions of management may determine the level of achievement a leader can sustain. If a leader leans too far in either path their leadership effectiveness suffers.

Allow me to share some examples of these daily type leadership tensions.

7 tensions every single leader faces:

Displaying confidence without being arrogant.

People want to follow a confident leader, but pride is a repulsive trait. I feel this tension especially when I’ m leading on a new team or even with new people on the team. But it is a continual tension regardless of how long I’ ve been in a position.

Yes, I have experience. I’ ve learned a few items. But it comes across as pompous and is always resisted whenever I’ m always the one with the answers.

Making bold choices while building collaboration.

I personally encounter this one in most meetings we have as a team. I can almost always sense the room waiting for my opinion. Many times I realize we won’ t move forward until We weigh in to the matter.

But good leadership involves collaboration. I’ m not really the only voice – and lots of times not the best voice in the process. If I have the only answer no one can participate, but if I not have any answers no one may wish to follow my leadership. (Therefore, I have to discipline myself to become quiet sometimes – waiting for others to speak. )

Displaying strength while displaying compassion.

People want to follow leadership that generally care for them because individuals. Compassion for those who can’ t help themselves is definitely an attractive leadership quality. The very best leaders I know have a worry for others.

But no one wants compassion that is translated as weak point. There are times a leader has to stand strong because know is right thing – even when everyone can’ capital t fully understand yet what they are performing or why.

Controlling energy in the direction of a vision but allowing individuals to chart their particular path.

Good leaders create healthy structure which can be managed for effectiveness.

At the same time, the best discoveries often come when people are usually allowed the freedom to create, explore, and “ break the rules”.

Partying victory while not resting on current success.

This one is hard for me personally. I’ m ready and wired for “ next”. I like to keep moving. Sitting is still one of my hardest procedures.

However , I know there are individuals on our team who can’ t adequately move forward till we’ ve recognized the current success. They need to celebrate, reflect and also rest.

Continually balancing this tension will work for the team.

Learning from other leaders but being who you were uniquely wired to be.

I’ meters a huge proponent of wisdom-seeking. In fact , I think we should have always a mentor – generally more than one. So , I understand, attend conferences and try to learn best practices and from the experiences of others.

But there’ s the tension of attempting to duplicate another person’ s achievement and being exactly who Lord has called me to be. God has not called me to preach like Andy Stanley. He’ s called me to preach like me. God have not called me to prospect like John Maxwell, yet to lead like We lead.

This particular doesn’ t mean I can’ t learn from both these – and can and have – but I cannot forget Our god has uniquely wired myself – and He has uniquely wired you.

Spending time with people versus completing tasks.

This may personally be the most common tension intended for of the ones listed. Management is people. Without people – without getting to know all of them, earning their trust, purchasing them and showing them we care – management will never be effective.

But I have work to accomplish also. There are outside demands on my time. I use emails, phone calls, texts and visits with people who I’ m not necessarily leading. I have paperwork to do. (I dislike paperwork by the way! )

The real work of a leader is people and, yet, the work must be done.

Tensions every single leader faces – daily. Leader, body it? At some level, don’ t you feel it daily?

I realize I’ ve only exposed the problem, without a lot of solutions. And, honestly, your option will be different from mine. But I think the solution isn’ t necessarily an easy to define solution for each of those tensions.

It is recognizing they exist and continually seeking to live within them. (I learned that phrase from Andy Stanley – or something like it. )

And when one side from the tension is getting more attention than the other – combating to get back to a better stability of tensions.

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