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The La Carte (February 12)

Grace and peace to you this morning.

On sale this week at Westminster Textbooks is the excellent Focus on the particular Bible series of commentaries, that are ideal for preachers and laity alike.

Today’ s Kindle deals include a couple of interesting picks.

You Are Going to Hate This

“ You understand that country you’ve already been dreaming about? The one that you already been praying over and researching? You’ve been talking about it forever these days, building a team that will support you when you move presently there. You are ready to uproot your loved ones, your job, your entire life to pour your soul into the place you love so much. Contact me a party pooper, yet today I’m here to tell you something important: Shortly after you finally arrive in that country, you are going to hate it. ” Here’ s 1 for current or prospective missionaries.

Just how 60, 000 Metric Tons of Salt Are Harvested from One of the World’s Saltiest Lakes (Video)

This can be a really interesting video about how exactly salt is harvested from the lake in Senegal.

There’s Something About Your Faithfulness, Sister

Madelyn brings a few encouragement in this article.


Jeremy Walker points out that nowadays it doesn’ t appear to take much to make individuals cry. “ Perhaps this is a small act of negligence or even cruelty. People are currently edgy, if not right on the edge. An unkind word, a thoughtless act, a dismissive interaction, and over the edge we go. The soul is certainly trampled, the spirit can be crushed, the heart is toss down. Tears well up quickly, tears of helpless frustration, impotent rage, or simply hopeless distress. ”

Inventing A New Sin

Alan Shlemon shows how some people nowadays are craftily trying to mess with categories of sin.

Why Read Full-Length Historic Christian Biographies?

Vance Christie offers a few good reasons to read a few full-length Christian biographies.

Speaking and Chairing

If you’ re speaking at or chairing meetings, these tips may verify helpful. Especially the first one.

Flashback: 4 Burial plot Dangers in Every Sin

You can’t sin without having consequence. That’s not the way God has structured his world. It’s not the way God has structured his people.

How would you want a person on the other side of the world to live in case you were on a road resulting in an eternal hell with no one had ever told you how you could go to heaven? Answer that question, and then live accordingly. —David Platt