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Four Reasons Your Church Needs a Mentoring Program

Every week I get the privilege of working with pastors from all over. The majority of have a sense there could be a lot more. More participation, more depth, more passion, more local community. What they’re doing isn’t broken, but it’s not sufficient. A common concern I hear: “my church is a distance wide, but an inch deep. ”

I’m just a little biased, but I think the best way for any church to help their people dig a few inches much deeper is small group mentoring.

Before I tell you why, here’s the two-sentence overview of how Radical Mentoring does “small group mentoring. ” We equip an older, smarter mentor with conversation guides and other resources to lead a group of younger mentees through an intentional mentoring process designed for nine to twelve months. Advisors share their faith stories in the first meeting plus continue to share their living experience by facilitating the topic-based conversation during each of the monthly meetings that follow.

Now, here are four reasons launching a small group mentoring process can have a profound impact on your own church…

  1. Mentoring organizations build intergenerational relationships. A year ago, Barna released a study on engaging males . They found that will men with intergenerational relationships were “ nearly twice as likely to be very satisfied in their relationship with their child (54% vs . 30%) and in their marriage (64% vs . 54%). ” Mentoring organizations create an environment for people of different seasons of life to interact. Mentors find value within sharing their wisdom plus life experience, while mentees get to learn from someone who has already been where they’re going.
  2. Coaching groups create authentic human relationships. Eventually, we all want to be known. Of the 450+ people surveyed after their mentoring season, 95% said they experienced genuine community in their group, plus 88% described their group’s relationships as “very deep” or “deep. ” The secret sauce? Stories . By focusing on stories, mentoring groups create a safe area for people to be real, encourage each other, and drive associations deep. Having everyone share their own full, no-holding-back faith story, starting with the mentor, equips the group to go further, quicker and leads to conversations that will matter.
  3. Mentoring groups enhance the leadership capacity of your cathedral. Every church needs a lot more leaders. More people to business lead small groups and get involved with the high school ministry. A lot more people to serve as deacons and elders or to lead Scriptures studies. People who go through a mentoring group become your next generation of leaders. They improve the quality of your other environments simply by bringing the authenticity and intentionality they learned during their coaching season.
  4. Mentoring groups create all-in Jesus-followers: Arguably the most important one particular. Mentees spend nine in order to twelve months learning from and watching their mentor. They observe the mentor lives their life and how they interact with Jesus. While anything but perfect, the life span of the mentor, transparently uncovered and fully committed, shows them a real-life sort of what a fully-alive Jesus-follower is like and what it can be for them if they proceed all-in.

We’d like to help you explore how little group mentoring could easily fit in at your church. And the best part, our whole resource library is available to you for free. Once you go here to get access , you’ll get everything you need to launch Radical Mentoring groups for men or even Known Collective groups for ladies, including our coaching plus guidance. Learn more here.

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