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The La Carte (February 10)

May the God associated with peace be with you.

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Of Faith plus Fear

“ ‘ Faith over worry. ’ It’s one of those Christian slogans that is undeniably real, and, at the same time, less useful than it may seem. ” Kevin DeYoung explains.

Please, Call Me Frank

This is actually interesting: “ Every tradition has to deal with the bumpy distribution of power inside its own society. The difference in between high power distance plus low power distance civilizations is how they think about what sort of power arrangement is best. For those in low power cultures – like the Western – we mentally plus emotionally prefer to envision the culture where power will be shared more equally. All of us don’t like authority numbers to have too much more regard or power than their own followers have. ”

Log College Push

If you are into reading some of the old authors, you’ ll want to bookmark Log College Press. It offers a vast and growing number of free PDF books through dead American Presbyterians. That may sound drab, but rely on me—there are treasures to be found!

For the Long Haul, Go Deep

Darryl Dash reflects on his rush to get into ministry and what he’d do differently. “ When God allows, I’ll become pastoring for over four years. If I’d been wiser, I may have spent additional time mastering the languages, offering under mature leaders, reading through formative texts, and developing my soul. An extra 4 or six years appeared like an eternity then, but the compensation from those extra yrs would have been significant. ”

Spotting Our Cultural Bias

“ Today when there is a tragedy – like a building collapsing and killing 18 people – or an atrocity – like the authorities filled into a church and eliminating the worshippers – we think of those who died as innocent victims. The responsible parties are the authorities, or maybe the builders, or the council whom allowed the builders to cut corners, or the landlords pertaining to failing to fix the problems. This simply never occurs in order to us to assume that the particular dead are to blame, that will their sinfulness might have brought the tragedy upon all of them. ”

The particular Bored-with-Reading-the-Bible Antidote

Kim offers assistance if you are getting a bit bored with the particular Bible. “ Dear Reader, this is not to scold a person. Not at all. This is not a message of condemnation—far be it from me to hand that out. Ideally, this will be a message of support to us all (including myself). This is meant to be a reminder of what is real and what truly matters most. ”

Inside Prepared Parenthood’ s Gender Manufacturer

This is an mind boggling report from Abigail Shrier (who wrote the excellent book Irreversible Harm ). She says that “ Planned Parenthood is now one of the largest providers in the United States of cross-sex hormones like testosterone to females seeking medical gender transition. ”

Flashback: 5 Things You Can Give in order to God Every Day

The heart of productivity can be glorifying God by offering others. It is carefully plus deliberately considering the things God calls us to do, and deploying all that we’ve obtained for his glory and the good of people made in his image.

Many local churches possess ceased fishing for men plus instead become keepers from the fish tank. —Jared Wilson